Best Indie Cyberpunk Games To Prepare You For Robocop: Rogue City

Best Indie Cyberpunk Games To Prepare You For Robocop: Rogue City

The best cyberpunk games let you fight back against the evils of capitalism, enjoy the neon sights, and hopefully get some cool robot limbs or something. It’s basically what a rebellion nowadays would be like in the real world, but with the bonus of having useful robotic parts, instead of just ageing joints that make you go “oof” whenever you get off of the sofa. 

If you don’t know what we’re talking about, you’ll hit 30 one day, and then you’ll understand. Sorry. With Robocop: Rogue City on the horizon, we figured it was a good time to take a look into some of the best cyberpunk games out there that’ll let you enjoy this particular dystopia in the many flavours it can come in. Also, there are some amazing stories to enjoy here, so check them all out. 

Transistor is the second game from the incredible Supergiant Games, and puts you in the shoes of Red. You’re a singer who’s found themselves in possession of an incredible talking sword, and the ability to pause time in order to plan out and use special attacks. There are loads of different builds to try out, immense bosses to take down, one of the best soundtracks around, and a heart-breaking ending too. 

Citizen Sleeper is basically a digital tabletop RPG. It’s astoundingly deep and complex and puts you in an android body an impossible distance away from your actual body. You’ve decided to break away from the mega-corporation that owns you, and you’ll need to try and find your way and live out your days on a space station on the edge of an interstellar society. It’s thought-provoking in a way that few games manage, so please play it.  

Cloudpunk is a neon-noir story where you have to deliver some packages. You get to control a cool flying car, but make sure you don’t ever think about what it is you could be delivering. Aside from a great story, it has a beautiful world to exist in, and if you’re just hoping to soak up some good neon vibes, you’d be hard-pressed to find a game that does it as well as Cloudpunk. 

Deadlink is a very new roguelite FPS game that wants you to go in all-guns blazing against the megacorporations that have ruined the world. You can expect to find yourself running around at high speeds trying to fend off plenty of cool enemies, using over-the-top weapons, and just generally feeling like an absolute badass. If you want action, action, and then a little bit more action, Deadlink is going to hook you up. 

best indie cyberpunk games - ghostrunner

If your idea of fun is fast-paced platforming and action, then you’re going to love Ghostrunner. Ghostrunner puts you in control of an advanced katana-wielding robot that’s on a mission to take down awesome levels one after another. There’s a level of grace and precision necessary here that’s not often required, which can make it a little harder than some people might like, but pulling off a perfect run is its own reward. 

best indie cyberpunk games - signalis

Signalis is a survival horror game, but one that’s from a different viewpoint, and in a cyberpunk world. It wouldn’t be here on the list of the best cyberpunk games otherwise. You don’t have to fight off zombies here though, but try and figure out what’s going on in a cosmic mystery, while also trying to escape from unknowable creatures, and also manage your resources to make it out alive. Signalis is constantly unsettling, regularly horrifying, and one of the coolest survival horror games we’ve had in years. 

best indie cyberpunk games - umurangi generation

If you’d rather step away from action games and into something a little bit different, then Umurangi Generation is a must-play. This is a first-person photography game where you get to venture around different environments witnessing the depressing dystopia that has arisen. However, while you do have to take photos, they’ll be judged on not just the subject matter in each shot, but also the way you’ve composed the shot and used colour too. You’ll unlock lenses and new equipment as you go, and if you’re keen to explore, you’ll find lots of interesting secrets too. 

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