Best Joy Cons for the Nintendo Switch?


BinBok just sent me their brand new gamecube style joycons for the Nintendo switch to check out. I’ve been the binbok GameCube joycons for a few days and I have a great deal to say about them. The question is, are they the best GameCube style controller for the switch… maybe…

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  1. I personally don't like how they made the middle spacer black because it makes the whole controller look like crap because black on purple is not appealing to me at all and for that reason i will be buying the NYXI Wizard version instead because that black on purple color scheme is just ugly, but i will say that if they do in the future make a purple colored version of that middle spacer i will most likely get this version too but not while it has that miss-matching black on purple setup.

    Update: I just got my NYXI Wizard NGC Joycons a few days ago and i got to say over all they are not bad but where it falls apart for me is that A button it sucks, because it's way too smushy and i have had it get stuck a few times while i was playing a game of Borderlands 2 GOTY edition on my switch oled and that it not good and i have heard that Binbok/Doyoky's version has better face buttons and so i think im going to get those next month when iv got the cash and i should point out that i did not get my copy of the NYXI Wizard controller brand new and infact i got it used off of eBay because for whatever reason NYXI's website kept on declining my bank card and so i decided to check what eBay had to offer and i was presently surprised him what i found as the very first one that showed was not only quite a bit cheaper then it's brand new price but it was in really good condition too and with it being at around the $57.00 price range instead of being over $70.00 it was practically a steal and it even came with a matching purple braided usb-c cable instead of that shitty one that normally comes with it and even though i did get mine used and not new considering that it was kept in really good condition i don't think that it being used really matters that much and despite the shitty A button it works fine so im at the very least satisfied with my purchase.

  2. they look awesome maybe ill buy this ones too, the only thing that kinda dislikes me is that the joystick are from alps, same one of ps5 wich are known for drifting, the nyxi a hall efect joystick, but this ones looks more cuality.

  3. For anyone that comes back to this video. I got the controllers in the mail two days ago after they had already given me a refund. They are great. I’d recommend you get them just be wary of customer service. You may not have a problem just remember if a problem does arise you might not have the best time dealing with the company.

  4. I'm definitely going to pre-order this!
    I was fortunate enough to get the NYXI Wizard and, while I really like it and it's definitely the best way to play in handheld mode and one of the best GameCube controller replacements, It could definitely use some improvements, like the triggers and the C-stick and adding the ability to charge both sides through the center piece.
    It looks like this controller has attempted to address those things, I'm excited!

  5. Pro Tip: when I searched "gamecube joycon" I found this model but I didn't even realize it was BinBok at first; all I saw was "DOYOKI" on the controller, and I searched "DOYOKI GameCube JoyCon" and I had to rifle through a bunch of videos before I realized this vid was about that controller. So maybe throw a "DOYOKI" in the tags or title. Js.

  6. non analog triggers is the deal breaker for me unfortunately. I want a controller that works on the switch, but also on other things like the Steam Deck. So analog triggers is a MUST.

  7. Be careful if you order. I ordered 2 months ago and they keep sending me emails saying “1 more week they’ll be ready” when the week ends and I email again they say the same thing. Happened 4 times now

  8. It just sounds like you're shilling too hard on these to Binkbok because they asked you for your input. Otherwise the controllers seem to have great potential as being my Smash controller on the go.

  9. I wanna be able to play MP remastered without switching control layouts between handheld and docked modes. Something like these joycons could help.

    Though 60+ bucks is pretty steep for me. Can't wait until more reviews comparing these two controllers (binbok snd nyxi gamecube style) come out.

    For context:

    MP remastered works with normal gamecube controllers, using the gamecube usb adapter, but you are missing buttons (like the home button and + and – ) that make it not the best. And you gotta switch the y and x buttons, or you will get confused (turning into morph ball in fights when you want to use missles) and switch the map button, and it ain't the best.

    Also, I prefer the gamecube controller versus pro because I jump between MP switch and MP original randomized.

  10. Wasn’t impressed with the NYXI Wizard. The face buttons were terrible and a lack of C stick just felt off to me. Felt like a decently made 3rd party controller instead of a more traditional GameCube controller. This looks a lot better, but I’m bummed the triggers look generic ???? but I’ll take decent triggers over hollow face buttons.

  11. I just care if they hold up to sweaty smash matches. So basically. Does it feel solid? Are the stickboxes on par with nintendo's and do they last? (i know that Nyxi uses hal sticks) I have had 2 wireless gc controllers both from Hori and a pdp usb gc controller. And although the stickboxes on the hori's felty nice, they only lasted about 2 months before giving out. And the PDB one is better but less precise, which causes me to miss inputs. Honestly i just learned to play with a pro controller at this point.


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