BEST NEW Indie Game Trailers: October 2021 | Part 1


Lots of other awesome indie games have popped up on my radar, so let me share a few with you so you can get excited too! 00:00 ► Start 00:14 ► Souno’s Curse: 00:43 ► Where Cards Fall: /Where_Cards_Fall/ 01:35 ► Shrine’s Legacy: 03:18 ► A guide to Babel: 1467920/A_Guidebook_of_Babel/ 04:16 ► Ailuri: 05:11 ► Unusual Discoveries: https://www. 06:25 ► Kynseed: 07:35 ► Exhausted Man: 08:49 ► Bitcraft: 10:00 ► Immortal: And The Death That Follows: https:// Statement on Aeon Must Die: —-MEMBERSHIPS & MERCH —- ?Patreon► ?Merch Store► /best-indie-games-clemmygames ▶️YouTube Channel Membership► https:// ——– PLAYLISTS ? Best Indie Games of All Time: https://www. ?Upcoming Indie Games: ?Indie Pixel Art Games: list=PLJERKFsvP1WVjy5xOIqIuT57oAyGr-0Ip ?Metroidvania Indie Games: ?Rogue-lites/likes Indie Games: PLJERKFsvP1WUi3IbpjXU9tfjcwLbbnXn0 ? Action-platforming indie games: ? Souls-like indie games: :// OTHER SUPPORT LINKS ?My Gear► ?Amazon► (all purchases after clicking this link will support me!) a cup of coffee! ► ?Epic Games Store Referral Code ►CLEMMYGAMES SOCIAL LINKS ?Website► ?Twitter ► ?Newsletter► ?Discord► ?Steam Group ► ?️Steam Curation ► ?Facebook ► INTRODUCTION I’m Clément, nice to meet you! I have a passion for indie games because of how fun, creative and OUT OF THIS WORLD they can be, so this channel helps spread the word about the best indie games. Feel free to contact me via Twitter/email for comments, requests, or just to establish a human connection and I’ll do my best to get back to you. PS: Most of the links above are related to an affiliate program where I get a percentage of sales, so please support the channel. #BestIndieGames #indiegames #ClemmyGames .



  1. Lol imagine being so lazy and iron deficient that u make a game on that naming "Exhausted Man". I wonder how long did it take to develop such a game while being lazy at the same time.

  2. Much respect to you Clemmy. I mentioned this before and I shall mention this again. The fact that you chose not to highlight a game because of the way the team was treated is a great gesture. It may be small, but at least you aren't giving the other game any more attention than necessary.

    It's also good to see the team bounce back for Immortal: And The Death That Follows. I hope their success is much better this time around.

  3. Oi, I totally forgot about Where Cards Fall. xD
    Bitcraft is beautiful, could be my return to mmo's actually. Maybe it's just me but visually it reminds me a bit of Sky, Children of the Light by thatgamecompany.
    Ailuri, Exhausted Man, Souno's Curse and Immortal are the rest of my picks.

  4. Hey I know this is rather unrelated to the video, but I was wondering if you ever heard of the Epic Battle Fantasy series. It's a severely underrated RPG series that hardly anyone seems to talk about, which is rather unfortunate for how great 3 – 5 are in my opinion.


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