BEST New Nintendo Switch Games | Any WORTH it!? March 2021 Week 4


Here’s a list of some of the best games that are set to release on the Nintendo Switch in the fourth week of March 2021. So what’s next? Let’s find out… Intro 0:00​ Vaporum Lockdown 0:37​ Arkham Horror: Mother’s Embrace 1:27 Overcooked: All You Can Eat 2:33​ Black Legend 3:16​ Bladed Fury 4:07​ Kaze and the Wild Masks 5:01​ Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town 5:55​ Genesis Noir 6:56​ Monster Hunter Rise 7:54​ Balan WonderWorld 9:17​ Outtro 10:17 #NintendoSwitch #Upcoming #Games If you We are one from our longtime supporters, please consider supporting us on Patreon – Happy Gaming Mark and Glen Number of SwitchUp subscribers: 167,285 .



  1. Will you be picking any of these games up? What's your favourite monster from the Monster Hunter series? I have so many but I've always loved the Lagiacrus and the Brachydios personally. Here are some links to a few relevant videos that may interest you: –

    Eshop Sales this week:

    Vaporum Review: –

    Overcooked 2 Review: –

    Story of Seasons Friends of Mineral Town Review: –

    Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Review: –

    Monster Hunter Rise Demo Performance Review: –

    Happy gaming. Glen

  2. I couldn’t stand that Balan demo. The character was so damn slow it was painful. It also felt like a platformer meant for 4 year olds. When a kid is too young to play a Mario game. Every suit also makes every button do the exact same thing, again so a 4 year old can press whatever.

  3. I played Balan WonderWorld Demo shortly after it came out.

    It was baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddd……… I am not a graphics or performance guy, played through rough titles like fire emblem and AI on that front no problem. But it was blurry, jaggy, and had anti aliasing problems. Between the graphical problems and the weird off in the distance the world starts to bend upwards. It was quite the adjustment.

    Then there's the fact that the demo drops you in the first stage and it's patronizing, boring, and simple. The game started to come to life in later stages where the difficulty was higher.(After you beat the first boss the game jumps around and lets you play a variety of one off stages from other worlds) It plays like an early 3D game where they didn't want to take the chance nintendo did with Mario 64. Reminded me of Gekko and I believe the game was called Clockwork Knight.

    All and all this demo proved to me the game was over priced. Based on the demo I say this should be a 20 30 dollar title, 40 at most.

  4. Thanks for explaining Monster Hunter as I have been wondering what was the point or the goal of Monster Hunters but you cleared up my doubts about it

  5. Kaze and the Wild masks is going on my wish list for sure, it looks great.

    The demo of Balan Wonderworld was not great though. The world is beautiful and interesting looking but the gameplay needs a lot more time in the oven. I seems to me like the programming of the physics and the movesets of the different costumes aren't finished. This game has a lot of potential, so I like many others wish they would just delay it until it's ready

  6. Great video as usual, don't tell anyone but I've never played a Monster Hunter game. That will change this week , Bladed Fury , kaze ,Balan also look cool . Gunna be an expensive month

  7. Man that balan demo wassss terrible but im going to be playing MH for sure for like the next month haha. Black legend looks really interesting from the list here too

  8. Is Littlewood not dropping on the 25th in EU/UK markets? According to Reddit it is. Was reviewed on this channel a couple weeks ago and is apparently really good, thought it might have been mentioned.


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