BEST New Nintendo Switch Games | Any WORTH it!? (September 2021 Week 3)


Here’s a list of some of the best games that are set to release on the Nintendo Switch in the third week of September 2021. So what’s next? Let’s find out… Intro 0:00 Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions 0:31 The Magister 1:32 NBA 2K22 2:08 Cruis’n Blast 2:30 Colors! Live 3:27 Mindcell 4:22 Flynn: Son of Crimson 5:01 Eastward 5:50 RiMS Racing 6:48 Tails of Iron 7:35 Nexomon 8:36 TOEM 9:29 Outtro 10:13 #NintendoSwitch #Upcoming Games Si you have been supporting us for a long time, consider supporting us on Patreon – Happy Gaming Mark and Glen Number of SwitchUp subscribers: 199,075 .



  1. Edit: – I say Cruis'n Blast has online – I completely misread the blurb, It says local wireless. My mistake, apologies.

    Thanks to the publishers for sponsoring this one and asking us to take a look at their game Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions. Check out the game here:

    UK Big Rumble Boxing Page:

    US Big Rumble Boxing Page:

    Here is our video on the game if you want more information: –

    Also, please ignore the discount message for Tails of Iron. It's a mistake – I used an old template and forgot to delete that part. Apologies for the confusion!

  2. Pretty much as soon as I saw the art style for eastward I was sold, also quite interested in tails of iron art style looks amazing for that aswell. When I saw your bit on rims racing I was like this surely isn't running on switch.

  3. Wow I just told my wife "7 pounds for Nexomon you should get it" lol I live in America. I watch you guys to much lol but mean that with love. Great video as always Glen cheers!!

  4. I have high hopes for Eastward and Toem. Cruisin’ Blast is now on my radar. RiMS was too but I’ve become increasingly pessimistic about that one – it seems impossible to make a good looking motorcycle game on Switch, unfortunately.

  5. I’ve already bought “Eastward” and “Tails of Iron.” I may also grab “Flynn” and “Nexomon.” “Toem” looks kinda interesting. I may consider that, too.

  6. Had my eye on Eastward for a while but won't be buying till I've read reviews. Was almost certain I'd be buying Baldo but it sounds terrible. Another one I'm glad I waited for reviews on.

  7. I have high hopes for Eastward & Toem.

    I followed the magister for a while. It came out on PC earlier this month & the majority of reviews seem positive, though some suggest the title falls short of the innovative flash games previously offered by the developer. For anyone interested there are a few in-depth reviews up on steam both critical and complimentary.


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