BEST NEW Nintendo Switch Games to TRY for FREE!


Here’s a list of the best Nintendo Switch demo experiences. I would say this is the first part because there were a lot of great guys who couldn’t make the video. Let me know if this is an idea for a series that interests you. Thanks to 11BitStudios for sponsoring this episode! #Best #NintendoSwitch #Demos If you are a physical collector you can use the code “SwitchUp” to save 5% on PlayAsia Get OFFICIAL Nintendo Eshop Cards and other bits and bobs on our new website and online store here – If you are a longtime supporter, consider supporting us on Patreon – https: //www.patreon .com / SwitchUpGaming #NintendoSwitch #Physical #Games Happy Gaming Mark and Glen SwitchUp Number of subscribers: 208,951.



  1. A slightly different idea here. Each segment gives you an idea of the demo length and a small micro review of the games. Let us know what you think? We’re always trying to come up with ideas we think you might enjoy! Seeeeeeeya! Mark

  2. Just last minute if people still watch this one. The Children of Morta demo review was amazing. I wanted to make sure it is what I like. It was and I bought it. Get it while it is still on sale. Thanks Switchup for making the effort to go through playing everything and getting the right information out there!

  3. Have been loving the Moonlighter Demo so far. Never knew they had a Demo and always wanted to try the game 🙂 thanks for hinting
    Children of Morta’s Demo is next on the list. But than I‘ll have to decide 🙁

  4. Great video.

    Could you make a video of Only Demos where the Save Data can be transferred to the Real Game?

    I feel that type of Demo is the only real fair way to offer a Demo.

    Please make a list of those type of Demos!

  5. The touryst and Dragon quest your reveiews and the demos are why I have these great games. Dragon guest is the only game my wife ever noticed and said that game is beautiful. Thanks. I'm going to try moonlighter and Childern of morta in general I don't care for pixel art games great way to give them a try.

  6. I adore Square Enix for making demos for every game they publish. Thanks to this I decided to buy some games and also I decided that I don't want some 😀 And the most helpful demo ever (to me) is the Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity demo. And I love this game now!


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