Best NEW Third Person Games 2021


There’s only one perspective with the best third-person games of 2021. At first, a simple change of perspective doesn’t seem to make much difference to a game. Some games even allow you to freely switch between them as you wish. But when you dig deeper, there are plenty of reasons to stay zoomed in on a character. It’s a chance to center them as a person and have their experiences rather than bringing your own to a first person point of view. We can see every emotion playing out on their faces, we can see them relating to the world and sometimes even enjoy a bit of disguise. So here are the best third person games in 2021: Intro 00:00 1 Psychonauts 2 01:03 2 Hitman 3 02:13 3 Death’s Door 03:29 4 Kena: Bridge of Spirits 04:38 5 Life is Strange: True Colors 05:52 6 Little Nightmares II 06:56 7 Eastward 07:57 8 Valheim 09:02 9 Naraka: Bladepoint 10:05 10 Alan Wake: Remastered 11:26 Outro 12:20 advanced mode with Logitech G. #KeepPlaying #ThirdPersonGames2021.




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