BEST Nintendo Switch Fitness Games – Fitness and Movement Workout Games


BEST Nintendo Switch Fitness Games – Fitness and Movement Workout Games

We’re looking at the best Fitness and Movement games on the Nintendo switch. We’ve put together the ultimate list of games to get you moving and breaking a sweat! Even if you are a complete beginner or a seasoned pro there is something for everyone. This list is in no particular order but if you stick around till the end you can catch some of our top fitness and movement favourites.

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  1. Thanks so much for watching! Did any of these fitness and movement games jump out for you?

    In the video I asked what's your reason for watching? Let me know if you are planning to get more active or looking for fun workouts at home!

  2. Should I buy a wii or a switch? Never had or used either but looking for fitness games for family. Also have a ps4, not sure if that has any games?

  3. I have Ring Fit Adventure, Fitness Boxing 2, and Just Dance.

    I don’t like Just Dance because it feels so degrading. I love Fitness Boxing 2, very high strain workouts if you want. And I do like Ring Fit Adventure but the ring’s voice can be kind of annoying. It’s a great workout and fun.

    I stopped going to the gym because of ya know issues so having these options at home is very nice.

  4. Thanks for the list! I wish there was a Nintendo Switch game similar to Wii Fit. It was a huge motivator for me and helped me reach my fitness goals all those years ago!

  5. Wished that there's an arcade dancing game on the Nintendo Switch, because I do play Dance Dance Revolution, Pump It Up & In The Groove. I mean, free style Dancing games like Just Dance is fun, but I also want to do a 10 steps/second run while hitting all those fast notes. Can't go wrong with Ring Fit Adventure as it looks like a more complete package fitness game though.

  6. My mom and I are kind of wanting to spend more time together and try to get fit together so I want to learn more about the fitness games available on the Switch. I like the list and do miss boxing and bowling on the wii but I dont have anywhere to plug up my wii since my poor switch is behind both my TV and heater in my room, I'm worried rats have chewed on the wii's wires, it's probably going to be difficult to get replacement parts for the wii, and so far, I don't like the lack of details such as how bad are the games for lagging.


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