Best Nintendo Switch Games Coming September 2021!


September 2021 will be filled with new Nintendo Switch games ranging from Sonic Colors: Ultimate, WarioWare: Get It Together !, Dragon Ball Z Kakarot and more! And we take a look at the 14 most promising titles coming to Nintendo Switch this month and coming soon! #NintendoSwitchGames #NewNintendoSwitch #SwitchGames Follow us on Twitter! Support us on Patreon and get your pin! : Subscribe to Commonwealth Realm:



  1. Darksiders 1 and 2 reminds me of Zelda darksiders 3 kinda reminds me of a 3d castlevania. Definitely loved that game on Xbox so I might check it out again. But I’m really looking forward to ninokuni 2 that game is one of my favorite jrpgs on ps4 so I can’t wait for the switch version in portable mode.

  2. kinda switch related and not.

    but Braverly default 2 is no longer a switch exclusive, and is going to be relasing on steam

    and also switch related, Monster rancher 1&2 DX will be releasing on the switch in Japan in december this year.

  3. i really hope we will get a new Wario Land someday! :,)
    still playing the old GBA Wario Land 4. and its great!
    but i hate it that the hardcore difficulty is just hardcore because of the shorter time.
    and i hate time based difficulties!!! >:(

  4. Why does it say that Person 5 is in this video? I looked at the description and FREAKED out thinking that there was going to be a port to switch, but sadly, no. Talk about dreams being crushed.

  5. I have absolutely no interest in any of these dumpster fires games; they look like some1 threw up and made it into a game. Not counting most if not all of these have been released earlier an other consoles.

  6. well i mean that dragon ball game was interesting but i suck at all dragon ball games so i dont think i will get any of these games since the dbz one was the only one that interested me 🙁

  7. How I wish have new Simpson hit & run, Scarface game, Motor storm apocalypse 2, (Grand There Auto Chinatown War, library city stories & vice city stories), Eric Mickey, Alice madness returns on Nintendo switch


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