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Here are the top 10 best Nintendo Wii Adventure games! It’s been a while since I created my Wii 100 series. Back when I had to rush my research, here’s the new revamped Wii 100 with a few tweaks to the top 10 adventures! #AdventureGames #Wii #Nintendo #NintendoWii .



  1. bruh ???
    you didn't include Spectrobes : Origins have u played it
    if not you must, as this games would have made it to no.1 easily in your list easily
    story is good as well as the graphics ..

  2. YES! SO GLAD SKYWARD SWORD GETS THE LOVE IT DESERVES! I've played both Zeldas on the Wii, and I gotta give it to SS. This game just did so many incredible things right. It's an enormous adventure chocked full of surprises where you get to fight with complete motion control. It gets way more hate than it deserves, and is easily one of the best Zeldas if you ask me.

  3. In my lifetime I've been fortunate to own.

    -Xbox 360
    – Wii
    – PS4
    – Xbox 1

    All very unique consoles in their own ways, for me the SNES was my favourite as it was my first, but the Wii is a close second, great games, good times, tried to be something different.

  4. Jason this was fantastic! Great, informative, and consise comments about each game and a nice varied list! Aaaaah this makes me want to plug my wii u back in and play wii games! Also, Link always gets bonus points for being topless ?
    Can't wait for the next video! ^w^


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