BEST Oculus Quest 2 Games To Show Friends & Family in 2021


Since the world is finally opening up again, here is a list of my tips on the best Oculus Quest 2 games to show your friends or family. Let’s convert them all! ► Get your VR Wave lens adapters here: You really can’t let go of the VR newcomers in all the games you you can think of. If you do, you might be cleaning up the vomit: P So here’s a list of my top VR game recommendations to show your friends and family. You can even use this specific command if you want. At the end of the video, some tips for showing VR as bad * ss. Many thanks to VR Wave (Quest 2 lens adapters) for sponsoring today’s video! TIMESTAMPS 00:00 Intro Start (Like the video for support!) 00:48 Thanks to VR Wave for sponsoring this video! 01:39 Start with these permanent VR games 04:52 Then choose one of these sports simulation games 05:44 Art or movie lover 07:15 Move on to more difficult games 09:52 Even more challenging 10: 52 Additional Tips When Introducing VR to Friends 12:18 Start of Outro —————————— ————— ———————————– —– LINKS ► Open Brush on App Lab: https: // ► Get your VR Wave lens adapters here: https: // www. SUPPORT US ► Our VR gear kit and tips here → (affiliate link ) ► Subscribe here → May contain affiliate links that earn us a small referral fee for qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you. ————————————————– ——————————— SUPPORT CONTENT (and become our VR Champion) ► Become our Boss → http: // ► Become a sponsor on YouTube → ► Buy our Merch VR → VR DISCOUNT CODES & AFFILIATE LINKS ► ► https: // ———————————— ————————————————– – OUR HARDWARE Our VR Gear and Tips → (affiliate link) Our PC specifications → MUSIC The music we use is from Epidemic Sounds → http: / / ————————————– —— ——————————————– ——– GET THE LATEST UPDATES Twitter → https: // twitter. com / CasandChary Facebook → Instagram → Join our Discord → —— — ———————————————– — ———————— A SPECIAL THANK YOU to these Patreon Champs ?️ for their support: ? BaxornVR, Wintceas, Barr’d4Life, Ztreak, Albert, Ben P., Steve Dunlap, Thomas M. Rice, Andy Fidel, VR Balance, Nathan S., Adriaan K., Old Lady Gamer, Jon C. ————— — ———————————————– — ————— DISCLAIMER This video was sponsored by VR Wave. In accordance with our guidelines, no review instructions have been received. Our opinions are ours. Links in this description may contain affiliate links. We may earn a small referral commission on qualifying purchases that help support the channel. However, it doesn’t cost you more. # oculusquest2 #vrgames #casandchary VR enabled! – Cas and Chary VR.



  1. If there are 2 ppl to demo to, first make sure to use a smartphone app to measure their IPDs (such as EyeMeasure) and then cast the headset to a laptop/TV (phone as a last resort). Use the Passthrough Home Environment so you can strap on the HMD for them and then have them watch you (in AR) strap on the Touch controllers and tighten the wristwraps. Have one of them do First Steps, then have the other do First Contact, so that each will have done/watched both tutorials. Next, take over control and set up Richie’s Plank Experience for them to each try (offer the minigames if the main plank experience is too intense). Finally, take turns playing the tree in Acron: Attack of the Squirrels (have the two of them DL the game on their smartphones).

  2. I cant find open brush in the store with head set or in the app store on phone. I see tilt brush for 19.99 but no open crush. Is this side load only?

  3. I like to start with Oculus First Contact as it's gradually increasing in complexity during the game to teach the controller. Plus instructions are pictures so I my parents and older people in my family who don't understand english can understand too. Plus it's beautiful, cute, chill and there is nothing scary in it.

  4. I’d say it depends on the age of the people too. If I showed the plank game to my mom she’d never be back at it again. I always start with first steps! They love dancing with the robot

  5. The Climb 2 is my go-to for non VR friends to get them into it, with the casual mode it really lets them play around and look around while hanging with one hand which lets them really feel the amount of immersion and see the environment they're in with less stress.

  6. Covert Ops is the worst game of all, it took me several hours to recover, when I played it the first time. These sideways sliding movements causes horrible motion sickness.

  7. The plank is just too cruel to some first timers. For my 80 year old dad and 3 year old daughter, I showed both of them “Henry”, it’s sweet and soothing, nice color, beautiful environment, a story that doesn’t require any language, that’s a totally different experience than plank. How thoughtful the once “oculus studio” was to create this experience for new comers, and its Free! And it won Emmy award. (Update: I forgot to mention locomotion, because it doesn’t require you to beam or push the stick to walk, you can literally walk in that vr space with your feet. The experience is just so natural. Everyone who tried it wanted to try it again and again, from 3yr to 80 yr. that should mean something for you.)


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