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  1. Something I've been wanting to suggest to Game Grumps for a while now. I love watching your shows and I often fall asleep and wake up to your content, but that orange backdrop you guys use does a number on my TV. Could you guys consider slightly animating it so that the screens pixels are changing that way they won't burn in? Orange polka dot burn in is totally worth the enjoyment I get from watching you guys, but it's getting expensive, LOL!!!

  2. I kinda agree with Arin that Geno isn't nearly as prominent in the game as I thought he was, based on his popularity. Sure he told you what was going on, but Mallow has way more lines and scenes and is hugely important to most plot lines.

  3. Super Mario RPG

    Voice cast

    Mario: Arin Hanson/Dan Avidan

    Princess Toadstool: Arin Hanson

    Bowser: Arin Hanson

    Mallow: Arin Hanson

    Geno: Dan Avidan

    Mostly every Toad in the game (Mario! Hurry! The Chancellor awaits!): Arin Hanson

    Croco: Dan Avidan

    Star one:

    Hammer Bros: Dan Avidan

    Chancellor: Dan Avidan (Arin proposed a tax raise)

    Shy Bodyguards: Arin Hanson/Dan Avidan

    Mack: Dan Avidan

    Star two:

    Belome: Arin Hanson

    Frogfucius: Cecil H.H. Mills

    Tadpoles: Dan Avidan

    Toadofsky: Dan Avidan

    Toad with treasures: Dan Avidan

    Gaz: Arin Hanson

    Gaz's mom: Danny Sexbang

    Bowyer: Arin Hanson

    Flunkies: Dan Avidan

    Star three:

    Yoshi: Dan Avidan

    Boshi: Dan Avidan

    Goomba: Dan Avidan

    Female Moles: Dan Avidan/Arin Hanson

    Male Moles: Dan Avidan/Arin Hanson

    Punchinello (!?): Arin Hanson

    Dyna: Arin Hanson/Dan Avidan

    Star four:

    Snifits: Dan Avidan/Arin Hanson

    Booster: Dan Avidan

    Torte: Le Dan Avidan

    Apprentice: Arin Hanson

    Frogfucius: Dave Avidan (R.I.P)

    Star five:

    Fake Toads: Arin Hanson/Dan Avidan

    Frog Salesman: Dan Avidan

    Shaman: Dan Avidan

    King Calamari: Arin Hanson

    Pirates: (kinda) Arin Hanson

    Johnny: Arin Hanson

    Yaridovich: Dan Avidan

    Star six:

    Garro: Dan Avidan

    Dodo: –

    Birdo: Arin Hanson

    Valentina: Arin Hanson

    King Nimbus: Dan Avidan

    Queen Nimbus: Dan Avidan

    Axem Pink: Arin Hanson

    Axem Red: Dan Avidan

    Axem Black: Dan Avidan (with a very similar voice)

    Axem Yellow: Dan Avidan

    Axem Green: Arin Hanson

    Star seven:

    Chandeli-ho: Dan Avidan

    Exol: Arin Hanson

    Clock: Arin Hanson

    Cloaker: Dan Avidan

    Domino: Arin Hanson

    Actor and singer Dan Avidan as Magikoopa

    Animator Arin Hanson as Boomer

    With the special appearance of Dan Avidan as Smithy

  4. "Unfortunately these levels–I mean, these episodes stay up forever, so someone in 2027 will be like 'uhuhuh, you fucking losers'"

    Dan, I think in 2027 we'll all be preoccupied with the machine uprising. The Robot Apocalypse of 2027 is under 6 years away.

  5. Opening up youtube to find this compilation makes life significantly better after a breakdown.
    Thankyou so much for making these complications for people to enjoy. You and game grumps, really make a difference to me and all the lovelies out there <3


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