Best PC Games of the Year 1998 – Good Gold Games


Good morning all. This video serves to show the good games we had in 1998. Ahh good nostalgic times that brought tears to my eyes. Colin Mcrae Rally: 0:11 StarCraft: 1:12 Unreal: 2:06 Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines: 3:00 FIFA 99: 3:54 Tom Clancy’s: Rainbow Six: 4:38 Command And Conquer: Red Alert – Retaliation : 5:32 Metal Gear Solid: 6:26 Delta Force: 7:20 Oddworld: Abe’s Odissey: Exoddus: 8:14 Half-Life: 9:08 Tomb Raider III: 10:02 Populous: The Beginning: 10:56 TOCA 2: Touring Cars: 11:50 Honorable mentions: 12:45 Some of the games released this year were not placed in this gameplay, although they deserve their place of honor this year, such as: – Resident Evil 2, Grim Fandango, etc. many others. I hope you like. #Colin Mcrae Rally #Tomb Raider #Half-Life #Populous: The Beginning #Tom Clancy’s: Rainbow Six .



  1. Does anyone know a game that was a character with green hair, who had 3 powers fireball, ball (which looked like water), and a green tornado, the powers were selectable. I remember that the levels were also selectable, there was a forest, an ocean, a tree like the one with magic beans, etc. The game I think was for PC Windows 98. In one level we were fighting a witch who was throwing hearts at us and we had to kick them back or hit her with our hands. In the tree level we had to reach the top and get a key to enter a castle. Please, if anyone knows him, let me know, I would really appreciate it.

  2. guys anyone knows the action pc game that have a mission quest called "play god",the quest is to cover and support an escaping VIP your starting location is on top of the hill using sniper rifle over looking a military base..and the other mission is stealing russian jet figther on a base,and its raining, so much like delta force i played this one..that's all i recall..can anyone name that game for me..thanks


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