BEST Switch Games STILL TO COME In 2023!


I’m sure many of us were wondering what comes next for the Nintendo Switch before the inevitable console revision… well there are some really nice titles coming – here are our choices. Let us know what you have your eye on! #Best #nintendoswitch #Games

The POST Zelda Era 0:00
Glen remembers A Farming GREAT 0:31
Raincode Is Looking Very Cool 1:53
Another BANGING RPG Returns 2:50
The Sequel To a Favourite 3:51
Glen’s Most Anticipated Of 2023 5:30
Disney’s Answer To Cuphead! 6:30
A Little History Lesson 7:50
Thumbnail Game 8:50
A Fan Favourite RETURNS 10:12
The PLUCKY Squire Looks Stunning 11:32
Is It Going To Be A Memorable Legacy? 12:20
They DELAYED It Again… 14:04
I’ve Been Waiting For Mineko 15:49
Double COIN! 16:52
More Tea Vicar? 17:10

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  1. Someone posted a comment on one of your videos early last year saying the Switch 2 would launch alongside Hogwarts Legacy. With that being a seemingly impossible game to port to the current platform, it being pushed to the end of the year and rumours of Nintendo sourcing components, it’s starting to look quite possible.

  2. Speaking of Pikmin; there’s a little Indie game called The Wild at Heart. Zelda style top down with Pikmin and Luigi’s Mansion mechanics. Great puzzles and exploration. Couldn’t put it down.

    Don’t think it has been mentioned on your channel too much, but seems like a good fit.

    The Plucky Squire, Sea of Stars, and Oxenfree all look great.

  3. Oh wow The Plucky Squire looks amazing! Had no idea this was a thing, thanks for pointing it out guys! Will deffo be picking it up!
    I honestly cant wait to see how the Hogwarts Legacy port turns out, it's a win win for me if it works and doesn't because I'd be impressed if it's great and feel proven right if it doesn't, if that makes any sense? ????

  4. For whatever reason the visuals for this video keep freezing on my Nvidia shield and smart telly. Sound plays perfectly in background, just with a stuck image on screen. It plays perfectly properly on my phone, it's really odd, and the only other time I've had this happen was another one of your vids (unfortunately can't remember which one) a few months ago. I'm sure it's nothing you're doing differently and just a gremlin with my technology but I thought I'd share!

  5. I had somehow never come across Blasphemous before, but seeing that sequel means it's been added to the backlog – hopefully will get to it before the sequel comes out!

  6. Ghost Trick is absolutely a game nobody should sleep on. I highly recommend checking it out. There is consensus among those who have played it that it may have some of the best writing ever seen in a video game, subjective as that assessment may be – and I wholeheartedly agree with it!

  7. Post Zelda era? What post Zelda era?! This is now and forever the Zelda era, everyday is Zelda, every minute is Zelda, every moment is either a Zelda moment or a moment you wish was a Zelda moment!

    OK, but in all seriousness, what a line-up this year! Are we really talking about a 6-year-old console? No wonder Nintendo won't announce their new console before 2024, there's far too much momentum in the Switch still! As for me, I'm really looking forward to Ghost Trick. Never got to play it because I never owned a DS, but I really liked the look of it. Then there's Oxenfree's sequel coming. The first game was actually frightening, really unnerving, and very unique. I wonder if the sequel will manage to recapture that feeling without being to much more of the same. And then there's both Sea of Stars and The Plucky Squire. I've got the Sea of Stars demo, still need to play it, but I loved Chrono Trigger so I'm pretty sure I'll like this one too (if I ever get to play it!). As for The Plucky Squire, it looks so charming, and the idea of starting in a book and then jumping into the 3D world is really interesting. If they make it run well on the Switch it's probably going to be a buy for me!

  8. Not on the list but really looking forward to Cassette Beasts at the end of the month. Also Sea of Stars which comes out just before my birthday and will make a nice, little gift to myself. Possibly also the Disney game and Story of Seasons. And probably not included cause there's no release date, but also much looking forward to Fae Farm.

  9. Oh man, totally with you on the Pikmin hype train Glen. Loved the 3rd one! Got it for Christmas the year it came out and have really fond memories of beating it over the holidays.


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