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  1. Hi, everyone! You should definitely check out the huge eshop sale going on right now. A lot of the games mentioned here are super cheap. I'm getting Ys Origin today 🙂

  2. after playing both braverly defaults on the 3ds braverly default 2 was a must buy untill i saw the Character 3D Models and i just can bring myself to buy it, they are so ugly in an otherwise beautiful game the choice is mind-boggling.

  3. I am sorry, but after 40 h of gameplay in Xenoblade Chronicles.. this game sucks…. I mean plot is ok and all, but gameplay.. Let's say I just fell asleep during the game too many times. Locations are too big, moving is too slow, fights are not engaging AT ALL. nope nope nope…

  4. I'd actually put DQXI on top of all the JRPG ports. Why? It lives up to it's subtitle. Two ways to play the main story (You can play either the one everyone else played or the 2D version which was exclusive to japan for a year), Orchestras instead of MIDIs, More side quests and post game content that don't feel stapled on, and other more minor tweaks to gameplay.

  5. SMT3 is very good, I bought it first on PS4 but for some reason it always gave me a headache. Ive been playing it in handheld mode on switch and it feels so much better. Some of the battle music isn't great(especially the one with the random yells), but overall it's a good game if you're looking for a bit of a challenge.

  6. ohhh loved this video. I'm not a huge fan of most Nintendo switch games unless they're FE, Mario and Zelda games but now I'm going to look up in to these. I turned based RPGs but never got into the Final Fantasy games

  7. Octopath Traveler is a wonderful game for music, battle and pixel art graphics, but the story is really background weak, some of them is really bad, just a cliche story to be there as a reason for battle, is a nice game to pass time i think.
    About Final Fantasy 12, i tried to played many times but i just hated the battle system where i can attack only once and one person at time when a lot of enemies can get together and attack you at the same time.
    About Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne, i really didn't liked the battle menu, and where is the map? Directions? I think Shin Megami Tensei 5 is better, specially for these who didn't play any SMT yet.
    Now Tales of Vesperia, i found the story amazing, but i just couldn't get into it, since the map is just there for no reason, there is no directions for what to do, you have to spend hours searching the location to finding out what to do.
    Trials of Mana is nice, the story is funny, for one gameplay, but after that it gets a little repetitive, even thought you're playing with other character with other story, the fights and locations looks the same.

  8. This is is absolutely my one top games overall. I played bravely default 1, bravely second and bravely default 2. its a wonderful game to me but for my opinion i'd say bravely second is the best among three of them "to me".

  9. some other must have rpgs that arent listed in the video are skyrim, witcher 3 and the atelier ryza games. those in the west may have to import the atelier ryza games if you want physical versions tho cause ive tried hunting for these in stores and none of them have the games.


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