Best to Worst Halo Games According to IGN


Install Mech Arena for free ? IOS/ANDROID: and get a special starter pack ? Only available for the next 30 days Since the release of Halo CE and Halo 2, IGN has awarded these games their note , then over the last 2 decades they also rated every Halo game released. Now, what is the best Halo game? And which Halo game is the worst? According to IGN. Live stream: Podcast: Rocketsloth2: Patreon: :/ / Join our Discord: Become a member and join our channel!



  1. IGN has a tuff job, as everyone has a different opinion on a game. Like I personally really liked halo 4 and would give it a high score but I wouldn't give halo infinite as high because I notice in some areas halo infinite isn't polished and is worse even in graphics which is kinda crazy

  2. There is a financial incentive for review companies like IGN to give high scores to the video games that advertise on their site, as well as an incentive for game companies to get a high score in order to get their bonuses. Welcome to the corrupt af video game industry under capitalism!

  3. I can't believe I'm gonna do this, but I'm gonna try and defend IGN… just a little: They used to have post-review "seminars" where they would talk about the review process and actually get four or five people with a spread of opinions to talk to the reviewer. Sometimes, the reviewer would openly state, "I didn't care about the story or the length, I gave it a 9 purely based on its mechanics." Naturally, people would disagree with this! Idk if they still do these. At the same time, they would also give 100 hour games to the same person (regardless of genre.) Like the same person reviewed Dragon Age Inquisition, the Witcher 3 and Phantom Pain… a variety of opinion would have really helped as this guy just focussed on mechanics.

    Plus, just generally, it's very hard to distill a whole review into a sub-five minute space and still make really well-rounded points. It's gonna sound like a sales-pitch. Especially when people have access to multi-hour long video essays on YouTube, often made by life-long fans who can afford to spend hundreds of hours on games.

    Not saying IGN are faultless, but internal consistency seems like massive challenge for them.

  4. I still remember when Halo 4 came out, everyone lapped it up saying it was better than anything Bungie ever produced. I’m not going to be a Debbie Downer and claim H4 is trash, but Day 1, I always found it to have been a step back for the series in general. The artstyle was bulkier, grotesque, and uglier. There was a lack of humorous charm that was present in the earlier entries. The writing for the overall plot and the characters was awful. And the push for heavily scripted “gameplay” segments that played out like a Michael Bay Hollywood film did NOT feel like Halo.

    I was accused of being some sort of secret PlayStation fanboy for not buying into Master Chief’s romantic love story with Cortana that turned him into a desperate, insubordinate wimp that put his weird love interest for Cortana first over his duty as a spartan. The Master Chief I knew was an ideal, selfless soldier that put his duty to the military first and foremost. He was well respected by his commanding officers (as Master Chiefs generally are irl), he was an inspiration to his fellow soldiers and the civilians he protects, he was stoically objective focused and always managed to keep his emotions under control, yet he never was an emotionless robot and still grieved for his fallen comrades and felt the gravity of the situation at hand.

    What does 343 do? Well, they make Master Chiefs into a loverboy that is disrespected and looked down upon by his fellow soldiers and commanding officers, he becomes insubordinate to a CO’s orders (that warrants a court martial) in defense of his non-living AI love interest that poses an objective danger to military personal and operations, and he starts groveling and having a panic attack when he thinks Cortana is about to “die” at the end of Halo 4. It doesn’t help that in Halo 5, he drags his old squad out on a suicide mission to meet Cortana and shows how much of a selfish moron 343 made Master Chief into. I’m so glad people are finally starting to acknowledge how 343 just can’t handle Halo as well as Bungie did. I don’t think their games are garbage or trash. They’re good, and Halo 4 was a great showcase of what the Xbox 360 is capable of technical wise. But their titles of the Halo series just lacks the soul of Halo, and what once was a group of guys that made something that was fun for them has now become a corporatist group of businessmen that are trying to build off the foundation laid by others without being fans of their own work.

  5. I honestly like Halo 4. There was alot of action and graphically amazing compared to the previous titles. It was very competent with the biggest issue for me being the meh forge mode. And regrettably 343's first and best Halo title.

  6. I think the goal posts moving is just a symptom of having different reviewers for each game, different people reviewed 4 and 5, the the guy who reviewed 4 came back and reviewed Infinite. IGN reviews aren't really IGN's so much as the are belonging to the individual themselves. Still some odd criticisms to say the least.

    Another thing I don't think is as big of a deal is the changing of how they score games. I don't think there is enough granular objectivity to warrant having a 100 point scale like IGN used up until 2020, a 9.8 and 9.5 are not really different at all and by the point it's up to nitpicks and personal taste, so moving to a 10 point scale was the correct choice in my opinion. At the end of the day the score itself should matter less than what the reviewer actually says.

    The bigger issue I have is the high ratings of 4 and 5, but that may just be the taste of the reviewer. The reviewer of 4 may not care much for fun gameplay in the campaign, likes COD style multiplayer and can tolerate massive exposition dumps for the story, all stuff I hated. The the reviewer of 5 May prefer fun gameplay, like I think 5 had in the campaign and multiplayer, and they don't care about story in their games much if at all, so they were willing to overlook it. I disagree with the reviews and don't like how they rate various aspects in different ways but that's just the way it is and why metacritic is my favourite way to evaluate games before I buy them.


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