BEST Tycoon Games of 2023 (So Far!) – First Half of 2023 (Tycoon & Management Games)


A bunch of fantastic Tycoon and Management have released in 2023. Orbital Potato covers the best ones that have come out in the first half of year!

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Check out the games linked below:

00:00 Intro
01:05 Big Ambitions –
02:28 Definitely Not Fried Chicken –
03:21 Factory Town Idle –
04:26 Potion Tycoon –
05:32 Organs Please –
06:31 Lakeburg Legacies –
07:32 Park Beyond –
08:28 Galacticare –
09:40 EarthX –
10:38 Railway Empire 2 –
11:36 Bonus Games
11:59 Tastemaker –
12:50 Don Duality –
13:43 Outro

DISCLAIMER: You should assume that all games played on this channel are free preview/review copies
OTHER DISCLAIMER: I’m partnered with Humble, and will receive a percentage of game sales.

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Beauty Flow” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License

“Limit 70” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License .



  1. Need a break from reality? Purr-fect Chef has been my go-to escape lately! ???????? The combination of adorable cats and cooking challenges is surprisingly relaxing. What games are you currently into?(Google Search Purr-fect Chef)

  2. Hey I'm one of the developers behind one of the games you previewed – Galacticare. Just wanted to say thanks for including us and the kind words! We're super excited to release the game soon. 😀

  3. I'm in complete awe of this. I recently discovered something similar, and it left me in disbelief. "Dominating Your Clock: Strategies for Professional and Personal Success" by Anthony Rivers

  4. Quite disappointing. Like mud cupcakes after you tasted real ones. I'm tired of uninspired games. Copies of copies of copies made by people who wanted money, not fun, so they did the bare minimum to not be sued for scamming. I'd rather keep playing OTTD and that says a lot. No offense to mud cupcake fans. Enjoy.

  5. Railway empire looks really good. Just pity for me I'm not exactly fun of steam era. Diesle and electric locomotives would do it much more interesting for me personally. As long as I know there is nothing like that. Pity

  6. Can't wait to see if the Commodore Amiga (68020 CPU with FPU or higher and 2MB chip-RAM and 4MB Fast-RAM minimum-requirements, with serial and parallel-port) CDROM version game of "Legacy digital data storage device and media clearance, excess, surplus, residual & liquidation stock buyer and wholesaler Tycoon" will come out, and if the 'moralist' expansion pack will bring the PEGI age rating up from 12 to 16 for having the warning "Contains larceny" on the packaging.
    My comment has no hate in it and I do no harm. I am not appalled or afraid, boasting or envying or complaining… Just saying. Psalms23: Giving thanks and praise to the Lord and peace and love. Also, I'd say Matthew6.


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