Better than ArmA? An upcoming tactical shooter… that could be great.


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  1. ArmA 3 isnt game itself. Im meaning, its sandbox. Game-platfom where community can create own scenarios woth many advanced modifications.

    Vanilla version is good in my opinion

    Ballistic, noise in ears… Pfff

    ArmA3 have it all in mods, for free btw. But theres 2 big problems of course… Ok 3 problems

    1. Gameplay optimization
    2. Weight of game and pack of mods
    /horrible +120GB/
    3. Mods are not compatible… Not every

    Best mods includes all things that this new game, and much more content.

    I hope, when full version goes out, it will be same easy to modify like ArmA… In sandboxes its only way to make game long living. I really hope ??
    And optimization… Sweet god, optimization ☠️??

  2. IF it has cars, tanks, helicopters, boats, and planes and a full editor with ALL assets as well as a complete in game scripting language. IT can take on Arma… but if it doesn't it cant.
    Arma is so much more than people think. Its unlimited creative freedom. Thats why i am playing it since 3000h and will continue.

  3. I was just looking for a game that would require you to actually zero in a rifle and have it remember the dials and can be adjusted based off needs / desires.

    As a gun enthusiast, I'm happy to see small details built in like that. Any chance there will be implementation of bore over sight difference? For example if you're too close to a wall that you're trying to peak around, your optic may see a target, but the bore won't be fully around the corner and is actually in front of the wall still.

  4. Great looking game, love the penetration mechanic. But, without ears, the first-second shot from a rifle using a military caliber will likely give you a ring in the ears. Though I understand why this isn’t a thing, it would be horrible if every firefight you would go deaf.

  5. This game may challenge it, but I'm currently developing (with my team) the most realistic combat simulation. RCMS. It has not been officially released yet, nor announced but I think it'll challenge ArmA and this game

  6. Wonderful news. Need this so bad. Better sound and graphics. Please let me hear when a bullet hits the metal tank next to my head. In Arma 3 you cannot hear bullets hitting metal. Arma 3 has no immersion factor whatsoever.

  7. hope this game doesnt need beefy pc to run like Escape From Tarkov, overkilled with unneccessary animatons and stuffs
    meanwhile DayZ SA is running smooth on potato pc, etf isnt even open world smh


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