Building the Ultimate Nintendo DS Lite


Sit back, relax and watch me build a Nintendo DS Lite. Music provided by: “Dork Is Yes!” by mathgrant “Emergency Braking” by CriticalPixel Parts: Nintendo DS Lite custom shell by ZedLabs EZ-Flash Omega R4 SanDisk Replacement Gold Pro LCD Screen 64GB Micro SD Card Equipment: Work Block: Dahle 24″ x 36″ Vantage Black Self-Healing Cutting Mat Soldering Iron: Yihua 858D Screwdriver Set: ORIA Precision Screwdriver Set Lights: Neewer LED Softbox Lighting Kit Cameras: Nikon D3300 Microphone, Sony FDR-AX53, iPhone 11 Pro Max: Blue Yeti



  1. How is the quality of the buttons working? I recently ordered a refurbished DS Lite from AliExpress with this shell, and I wasn't so lucky with how the buttons and D-pad worked.

  2. Bro I did mine a few years ago and the hardest part for me, which caused me to screw it up, was the wi-fi antenna got stuck under the cartridge slot, and the ribbon cable got caught inside of the hinge and got damaged.

    Any tips on avoiding these? You made it look SO easy.

  3. I don't know what curse did Nintendo used for their DS until 3DS series(not really long for 3DS compared to DS). The battery seems last forever for years if not turned on(and still got more than half % if fully charged).

    I mean some devices like phone, camera and other stuffs, if you turned off and turned on again maybe few weeks. It will be dead or at least low charge.


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