Buying 100 DS games from GameStop on Black Friday.


DScapades Episode 7 Hmmm, it’s Black Friday 2020. Should I buy 100 DS games from GameStop, or 100 shares from GameStop? DS games covered in this episode: Warioware DIY Tamagotchi Corner Shop 2 Style Savvy Gremlins Gizmo Survivor Polar Bowler Casual Mania Secret Files: Tunguska Animal Boxing Emergency Disaster Rescue Squad Miami Nights Tale of Despereaux Glory of Heracles (NOT Hercules, but actually a good game ) Imagine Babyz Petz: Dogz Talent Show Additional King of Archers gameplay footage.



  1. I know they don't get the most attention, but i always really enjoy these. They're a great suprise and i always end up enjoying the video very much. You are very knowledgeable and a good presenter with nice humor. I hope you really enjoy this as a hobby and have fun with it because these are great and very entertaining.

  2. Wow, that Glory of Heracles part seems really unfortunate to me, not the best game out there, but well above average, and it is part of a series dating back to the NES era that started mostly as a Dragon Quest copy, but a good one I would say.

  3. I was lucky to find the Japanese copies of Tetris DS (only came with the cartridge and the case without its paper), Advance Wars Dula Strike (loose), Kirby Super Star Ultra (loose) and Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars (loose) for cheap.
    They are usually very expensive in Brazil!


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