Captain Toad is Great on Switch… But 3DS Is The Real Surprise


Captain Toad: Treasure Hunter! A charming little Wii U game gets a top-notch port for Switch… and 3DS! What kind of witchcraft is this? Join John as he explores the demo versions and compares them to the original Wii U! Subscribe for more from Digital Foundry: Join the DF Patreon, help support the team, and get superb quality video downloads: .



  1. the gyro is in the game it's just buried in a settings menu pause the game and hit the camera button on the touch screen to get the option to turn it on (i was on a new 3ds when i tried this though it may work on a base 3ds with the circle pad pro attachment)

  2. I think the Wii U version is still the best because of the gameplay, it's one of the games that makes the best use of the gamepad functions (Touch, Gyroscope, Two screens with different views on the mine parts and Microphone) some of those things like the gyroscope for aiming and the microphone were lost in the Switch version and it is not so comfortable to use the pointer of the joy-cons when played in the dock, in addition the interaction with 3D World was completely lost (on the Wii U you unlocked stages of the 3D World to play if you had the game save on your console)

    The 3DS version is amazing, to this day I'm amazed how they put one of the most beautiful Wii U games on such a limited handheld, even some features that were cut on the Switch like the microphone stayed here (but the gyroscope was cut by some reason, even the 3DS having this ), but the lack of a second analog in the Old 3DS bothers a lot, the game sometimes moves away from the camera making it difficult to see some objects of the scenario in the low resolution of the 3DS and not to mention that it is the only version to running at 30fps (and has frame-rate drops in old-3ds) is a good version and I had a lot of fun playing it, but I only recommend it if you don't have any other options or want to replay.

  3. Only now i realize that captain toad has appeared many more times then i have noticed in my life
    Back in 2014 when i was given the oppritunity to lay my hands on a Wii U, a captain toad level in 3D World was used as demo
    In 2018 when i got a Switch, This was the demo game (at the time this was the latest nintendo release, and marketing was god damn EVERYWHERE) that i got to play
    And now, 2021, Im playing the 3D world port and realizing this

  4. I don't remember Nintendo ever porting Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker onto the 3DS. I'm so late and I don't even know how this went under my radar. I don't even think I've saw any advertising for the 3DS version.

  5. Just got this game a week ago on the Switch. I paid 35 bucks for it at Walmart. It's a very fun game. The Nintendo Switch is the ultimate Nintendo system. Change my mind…..

  6. It's ridiculous how long it's taking us to get 3D World on Switch. This game came out over two years ago. Since then we have seen a number of Wii U ports. 3D World is perfect for Switch. The Joy-Con feature to quickly play 2 player coop…..I mean, 3D World should have been a launch title on Switch if I'm honest….

  7. I think the pointer is really nice. Maybe it’s because I play a lot of splatoon, and the map has a pointer, but it works really nicely.

  8. When i can get a game this clean looking on my switch at 1080 60 i am happy but when i get sub par games lower than 720p im really pissed i bought a switch i am hoping to God we get the metroid prime trilogy at 1080p with enhanced visuals and textures it would be a perfect fit shit id even play other M if it had a better controls i think the switch works well in porting older games Nintendo has a knack at creating really good looking games with older hardware atleast first party games like the Wii and WiiU i think had so many timeless looking games unlike the ps3 and 360 which have aged badly MF i want that metroid trilogy those rumors are killing me i need a confirmed date!!!????

  9. I never thought I'd enjoy what I thought what be a childish game. But damn…I really enjoy this game. It's relaxing and can still be challenging (although it by much for adults) if you want to be a full completionist (which I am)


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