A long, in-depth tutorial on how to setup CEMU emulator on PC and Laptop!


CEMU Emulator

Wii U USB Helper

Title Key

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  1. UPDATE: If Cemu asks you to perform a 'system update', go into the 'system' folder, and then go into 'version.txt' and change the version to 1.1.2, then save it.
    A quick way to get to system settings is to go on cemu, right click the game and then go to game directory! Then just go onto 'content' and then you should find it. Hope this helped!

  2. I downloaded USB helper in Japan, and I'm not Japanese so do I have to reinstall in English, and it says "the legend of Zelda cannot be played until the software is updated" pls help

  3. So i'm stumped at the title key spot. I pulled up the website and copied the url and pasted it in but getting the unexpected error. The other link has a vault that can be downloaded to hard drive but not sure how to plug that into usb helper

  4. I'm shocked at how well Xenoblade Chronicles X runs and how good it looks with the graphics options included, even an ultrawide hack. Perfect because I got my Wii U out to play it after 7 years and the file data was corrupted and apparently the disc couldn't be read (even though it was clean), then everything crashed and now the console won't boot…
    And apparently that's a very common problem with Wii Us.

  5. Great Tutorial. Love it. But i am facing a problem. I downloaded the game SSB wii u. when i play it, it displays the title like for .5 seconds then suddenly went white. Can you help me please? Thank you and more power.

  6. im doing this for zelda botw, it asks me to download the DLC and i click no (after accepting the game pop up thing before ofc), yet when i click on start downloading it downloads the DLC? (i had clicked on yes to download the DLC before because i was confused.) P.s I had not unpacked it or anything the first time i downloaded it, i just clicked on the game, no right click or anything straight to start downloading. It only downloaded the titles and i was so confused :/ (Ill lyk if botw works)


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