Complete List of Nintendo DS Turn-Based JRPGs


Here’s a complete list of the Japanese turn-based RPGs released for Nintendo D in North America. Random order. NO DSiWare games. Support the channel HERE —- Support the author HERE —–



  1. Have you considered making a separate video for all the rpgs that can't be classified as turn based or japanese? Just so that we can be exhaustive and not a single rpg stays behind. I'm saying this because your channel is the only one that I've ever heard talk about a lot of interesting games that I wouldn't have known about otherwise, and you might be leaving some behind due to content restrictions. Not that there's anything wrong with this series, but another one would be great.

  2. Not putting the games from the same franchise together in one place was actually a really clever idea if u think about it!! Great job as always man! Love your work

    Edit: except for Pokemon!

  3. I have played almost every game, dark spire is hard and new for me but I like it, Sand of destructions and witch tale are awesome games, I'm currently playing smt strange journey (i have played the 3ds version), awesome list Erick.

  4. Black sigil had game freezing glitches in then it also had accessories that were supposed to null its version of a ff games bad breath skill they don't i still had that bad breath like attack berserk the entire party at once even with full negative status immunity accessories equipped and lunar dragon song sucks silver star and eternal blue both the sega cd and ps1 games are the way better ones to play.

  5. My Top 5:
    1. Golden Sun Dark Dawn (one of the most underrated J-RPGs ever)
    2. Suikoden Tierkreis (Another underrated game)
    3. DBZ Attack of the Saiyans
    4. Radiant Historia
    5. Pokemon Black/White


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