Contractors VR Oculus Quest Review – The Best Shooter on the Quest? | Pure Play TV


Contractors VR is the closest thing to Call of Duty VR, and it’s on Oculus Quest. Find out why this is a game to play in our Contractors VR Oculus Quest review. Do you want to directly support our team? You can do it here! Read the review here: Follow Pure Play TV on Twitter: https: / / Follow Pure PSVR on Twitter: If you enjoyed this video, please Like and Subscribe. We are always looking for new authors on our various websites including Pure PlayStation, Pure-Stadia and Pure PSVR. If you are interested, contact us! .



  1. I just started playing after a few months of onward and was really disappointed. The game is quite bland and alot of it is the same thing. I don't know if it's just me but it's probably the worst purchase I have made on my Quest.

  2. I bought this and holy shit is it not garbage, graphics worse than A Dsi, strange and clunky controls, imbalanced loadout economy, sounds always coming from the left, chest rig isn’t on your body but abt a metre in front of you, onward is so much better

  3. The oculus quest 2 is a waste of money. I bought one with all the extras, within 1 month I've had nothing but problems with it. Now it's sitting in a box and I never want to see it again.

  4. Sorry I bought this and compared to population one is janky, Cluncky in the control department -definitely not as smooth and I’ve played most VR shooter titles over the last 3 years.


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