Controller As Wii Remote – Setup & Sensitivity Fix | Dolphin 5.0


What up everyone, in this video I go over how to set up a xbox or playstation controller as a basic Wii remote. I go over the settings and motion controls on the Dolphin Emulator. These settings might not be universal and you may need to configure them from game to game and sometimes during the game depending on tilt controls. Hopefully this video will be enough to get you stared with the Wii and Nunchuck

I’m using an Xbox One Controller

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This video is for entertainment purposes only.

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  1. This video is a lifesaver dont get me wrong but my cursor on the wii home screen keeps getting stuck at the top sector of the screen. Any ideas to fix this problem?

  2. Can I do this with my Switch Pro Controller as well if I'm using a USB android charger and Bluetooth adapter as well? Want to play Super Mario Galaxy and beat it with using texture packs. Also can I do the same with Joy Cons as well for Super Mario Galaxy as Wii remotes as well if I'm using a dongle? Thanks! Been ages since I did any of this. T_T I finally managed to back up my Wii and GameCube games. Getting a new PC in soon. So really excited about this. 🙂 Btw for Twilight Princess and Wind Waker, what is reccomended for DeadZone? Been awhile. And Twilight Princess Wii as well. Can I use my Pro Controller for aiming my bow on Twilight Princess Wii? Thanks if anyone can confirm this I'd be grateful. 🙂 Setting up Henriko Magnifico's 4k texture pack. So I'm gonna have fun with it. Thanks guys for any info, I haven't used Dolphin in AGES! Thanks. ^_^


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