Criminally Underrated DS Games


Stuck on what to play or what to buy? Join TVGS as I list and discuss ten of the most over looked and underrated Nintendo DS games the home and handheld console has received. Many lesser known games have released for the DS system so let me know your top 10 obscure cheap or under rated DS games down below!

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  1. Jump Ultimate Stars has a fan translation that translate all the menus, koma panels, tutorials and objectives so that you can navigate the game more easily. I just wish they did the same to it's predecessor, Jump Super Stars.

  2. touch detective is another fantastic gem. Fortunately I haven't thrown away my flash rom files ha.
    puzzle quest would be my nr 1, a game I actually finished (once)
    nr2 would be Civ Rev. I made a scoring book for it to fit in the jewelcase.

    GBA games fall into 3 categories
    1. Strategy games. the golden age of advance wars.
    2. RPGs
    3. dexterity crap

    DS games:
    1. RPGs. it is the golden age of CRPGS.
    2. Puzzle games, layton picross polarium denki etc
    3. arcade (racing/shooter).

    3DS games, more puzzles than RPGs.
    Switch: 99.99% crap, except for D2R and ODD.

  3. Watch out for Infinite space and make sure you have backup saves lol. I got soft locked twice, once by backtracking in a way that bugged a story flag, and once where a random battle over-rode what was supposed to be my next story mission encounter and prevented me from progressing. I lost a lot of playtime by not having a backup save


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