Cyberpunked, Our Top Games of 2020 And What's Coming in 2021 [Episode 25]


CDProjekt Red is being sued for #Cyberpunk, our best of 2020, and what we look forward to in 2021! ► / wccftech ► / wccftechdotcom ► / WccftechTV Visit us daily at for the latest news on PC hardware, games and of mobiles! .



  1. so much good games i played this year (but not 2020 games , as i will never pay 60 euro for a game , except maybe death stranded or RDR2 that could worthed it , but even these two I payed 20 euro)

  2. FFXIV: Shadowbringers was released in July of 2019 and has released 4 of the 5 post-launch patches since. The previous expansions since the relaunch in 2013 were Stormblood (2017) and HeavensWard (2015). There will be a new expansion in 2021 as usual – keeping with the two year cycle.

    SE also has the ongoing Marvels Avengers and FFXI, FFXVI, Outriders, and FFVII Remake Part 2. How do they do it? Separate development teams.

  3. yeah cyberpunk is a big scam … bought it 3 days ago thinking updates makes it more playable now … but i was wrong , can't play it with a 5950x and a 6800xt , not even 15fps … wasted money
    i'm not even interrested in raytracing … but have the perf


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