Do you really need CoD Vanguard if you only play Warzone?


The Battle Royale Warzone and Call of Duty: Vanguard grew together with the start of Season 1 on December 2nd. Warzone got the Vanguard graphics and a lot of content with the latest CoD release. But should you buy the full-price title if you only play Warzone?

What does Warzone bring with Vanguard?

First of all: You have no disadvantages when it comes to gameplay-relevant content. All of the content that will come into play over the next few months via Live Seasons is available to you in full and free of charge. However, there are a few advantages that you can secure yourself with the new CoD in Warzone:

  • Level weapons
  • Train battles
  • Operator
  • Exclusive cosmetic bundles
  • Zombie camos

Leveling weapons: You can already level the almost 40 new weapons from Warzone in Vanguard. So far multiplayer has been considered the best method to level up Warzone weapons. However, you could also use CoD Vanguard boosting in 2022.

Zombie Camos: For several generations at CoD you have been able to win skins for certain weapons via weapon challenges, so-called “Camos”. The challenges are then mostly tailored to the multiplayer and provided color in the game.

With Cold War, the zombie mode got its completely own zombie camo collection and Vanguard has these camos again. Without the zombie mode, you cannot unlock the camos for Warzone.

Train battles: In Battle Royale, you do not have the constant battles as in multiplayer and especially beginners should train as much as possible. Do you want to get better in Warzone or are fresh in the CoD universe, then the multiplayer CoD Vanguard is better suited for combat training.

How is Warzone without Vanguard?

It can be described like this: If you play Warzone without Vanguard, you have everything you need for a complete gaming experience. Vanguard gives you the extra on top. But even without the new CoD, you can fully benefit from the gameplay innovations and later, free expansions:

  • Live Seasons & Battle Pass
  • 40 new weapons
  • New map caldera
  • Fresh game modes & events
  • Anti-Cheat “RICOCHET”
  • The new graphic

Game modes & events: Via the seasons and playlist updates, modifications of the normal “Battle Royale” mode come into play from time to time and there will also be huge team deathmatches in Warzone style and live events. All of this is also available without Vanguard.

At the start, for example, a “Vanguard Royale” has been announced, in which only Vanguard weapons are permitted and you can try out the new planes and anti-air trucks.

New graphics: Warzone gets significantly more from the new CoD than from its predecessor Cold War. Because the Battle Royale takes over completely the graphics engine from Vanguard. It’s not a new game, but a different one and you don’t need Vanguard to be able to play the “new” Warzone.

Anti-Cheat “RICOCHET”: With this new system, CoD is improving its security infrastructure for Vanguard and Warzone. So you benefit from the measures, even without Vanguard. The anti-cheat driver that is part of “RICOCHET” even comes to the warzone first.

Do I need Vanguard for Warzone?

Vanguard gives you some advantages in Warzone, but you do not need it for the Battle Royale.

If you are a fan of multiplayer, the Battle Royale Warzone is an extremely powerful addition to the CoD experience. It offers you a completely different application of the same techniques that you know from the multiplayer mode and thus an exciting option for all Vanguard players.

But if you are more of a friend of the Battle Royale, then Vanguard is kind of a nice bonus – but for which you have to pay full price to be able to get in. All important content comes to Warzone even without the new CoD.

Vanguard also offers an action-packed campaign and a co-op mode with tons of zombies. If this content appeals to you as well, Vanguard is certainly worth considering.


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