DS Game Prices Are Scary Right Now


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  1. I only started to get into DS game collecting earlier this year. Most of the games I was interested in (primarily licensed/tv games) weren't that expensive. Not to say I didn't notice how expensive some games were.

    I wanted to buy Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks last year and was kinda shocked with the prices. I ended up getting a bundle for $60, but still. I was expecting maybe $20 or less for each.

    Then comes the heavy hitters. TWEWY was $50. Tingle's Rosey RupeeLand was $80. I'm definitely trying to pick up any games I want sooner rather than later.

  2. the only retro game I'm interested in is Medabot Rokusho for the GBA. it goes for 200$. I can get a Wii U and buy it for the VC for cheaper, but I want for the GBA so I can trade with my Metabee and get all of the medals and medaparts 🙁

  3. Same goes for 3DS games because when people mean DS games, they also meant 3DS and N3DS games because to a lesser extent, the DS, 3DS and N3DS are the same, just one that can’t play either 3DS or N3DS games, one that can play 3DS games but not N3DS games and one that can play both 3DS and N3DS games, just like how to a lesser extent, the GB, GBC and GBA are the same thing, just one that can’t play either GBC or GBA games, one that can play GBC games but not GBA games, and one that can play both GBC and GBA games.

  4. Just like Chrono Trigger, the Japanese copies of Phoenix Wright 1 – 3 on the DS can also be played in English and they often sell for around 20 € for all three games in one set. They are not super expensive to begin with, but you will hardly find all three games for 20 bucks here in Europe…

    Moon on the DS was kind of hard to find two years ago, but I payed only 40 € for two copies. Now this game goes for around 100 € on ebay, which is way too much if you asked me.

  5. You have to assume as soon as a console is being laid to rest and the games are cheap, they will soon go up in price in coming years. Especially after a decade. Might be buying a game for $15 that will be worth $60 in 10 years. Big returns. Just on average.

  6. I sold me entire video game collection to GameStop back in the day to buy a used Xbox 360…which only a few months later got the red ring of death. Prob my biggest regret ever LOLL

  7. I have bunch of Nintendo DS games. Still have radiant historia with the CD as well. Also wished I haven’t sold my first half of the dragon quest and professor Layton games.

  8. I loved the Rune Factory series growing up and had 1, 3, and 4. I never played 2 until about 2 years later I contemplated buying a brand new copy for $40 but then Rune Factory 4 Special came out with the announcement of Rune Factory 5 in 2022 and the price of Rune Factory 3 on the DS skyrocketed from $25 to $120. I immediately bought RF2 for $40 and I now it's almost as hard to find as the RF3

  9. Ive also been trying to get my hands on the Dragon Quest DS games, however in South Africa the only one I can actually find being sold is Chapters of the Chosen, and its being sold for like 1500-2000 Rands (something like 70 Pounds) Absolutely mad.


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