DSi XL Still Worth it in 2020? Heck yes!


DSi XL is still THE BEST way to play Nintendo DS games! Here’s why! Never play DS games on the 3DS again! So yeah, it was totally worth the price to me. I wanted to experience a unit right out of the box. Timecodes: 1. Intro (0:00) 2. What makes it special? (1:40) 3. Why the DSi XL is better than the 3DS for DS games (2:16) 4. Games! (6:11) http://www.EricaGriffin.com http://www.Twitter.com/iam_erica .



  1. Some don’t realize this but the DS, DSi and DSi XL have the same resolution (the same amount of pixels: 192×256). The 3DS line has MORE pixels than the DS line – higher resolution 240×800. When playing, images on the DS lite to the DSi XL there is no “stretching” (scaling) done. The DSi XL just has bigger pixels. The 3DS has to scale. Or you can play at the native resolution and aspect in the Native mode so it fits to a represented 192×256 pixels on the screen. As you see here though there is pixel pairing done on the 3DS too so you never actually get native 1:1 gameplay with DS games at all.

  2. I love your ramble about dsi xl vs 3ds screens. I'm glad I'm not the only nerd to notice it!! I really want to use my 2ds xl to play ctgp 7 and yo kai watch 3 and also play my old ds games and pokemon blaze black, but the ds games look so washed out and weird on a 2ds xl screen!! I'm stuck between using my dsi xl which has a broken hinge but I still love it, or my 2ds xl to play whatever game I want!! I can' take both wherever I go, that's too much.

  3. I don't know anything about these but picked one up today to play Mario Kart on a bigger screen. Thank you for giving me the breakdown that helps me feel great about this purchase. Mario Kart is great with the bigger screen! I'm going to enjoy my Lego Star Wars stuff on here too.

  4. I just dusted off the old DSi a few days ago and it still works like a champ! I agree with you about the games looking better than when playing on the 3DS and that the control pad is better positioned.


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