eBlitz – find gaming teammates in a swipe


Don’t you know it too: You get a new online game and want to test it right away, but your friends just don’t have time again? So you go into an online match alone and are thrown together with players from all over the world, but you can’t coordinate with them? Then find suitable players to play together with eBlitz! No matter whether you just want to relax and test an online board game, fight your way to the top with your squad in Fortnite, Apex Legends, or other Battle-Royal games, or show your skills in FIFA, Mario Kart, and other classic games. Turn on the computer, start the console or take out your smartphone and find participants for your gaming session now.

What is eBlitz?

Finding the right people to play with can be a hard thing, especially if you really insist on good and coordinated players who are not toxic. With eBlitz you can find appropriate teammates easily thanks to the build-in rating and matchmaking system. You can download it on IOS & Android.

eBlitz filters the players based on their preferences, demographic and social profiles and lets you create lobbies and matches with a simple swipe. The gaming app has a lot of great features such as a chat, which uses Discord to have the best possible communication. eBlitz is great for establishing new contacts and maybe even long-time friends. In addition, you can easily start games on every platform just with one click. The rating system results from the valuation that every player gets from the others after each gaming session. While swiping through other profiles you can check their stats like for example the number of played matches, the k/d, or the win rate. At the moment Fortnite is the game of choice on the platform with a great function that lets you start lobbies from the app in just one click. Other games will be added as well in the very near future.

eBlitz was created during the pandemic, while a lot of people had problems with socializing. The CEO of eBlitz, Arron Wu, says that “eBlitz is made for those moments when you want something more exciting than Netflix, or when you are about to give up a game because your friends are never around to play. By starting every gaming session with an instant social experience, we want to empower people to connect via playing together, and we believe that will make eBlitz a place of happiness that all our community members love and enjoy.”




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