Elden Ring Rykard, God-Devouring Serpent tips and strategy

Elden Ring Rykard, God-Devouring Serpent tips and strategy

God-Devoring Serpent and Rykard are two optional bosses that you fight back-to-back in a single encounter in Ring of Elden.

Although one of the demigods mentioned in the Elden Ring intro, Rykard is actually an optional boss similar to Starscourge Radhanwho can help you with critical path if you prefer.

Otherwise, Rykard is a key part of the Volcano Mansion Quest – which is necessary to access – as well as a requirement for the Quest for patches.

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Rykard is a boss with a gimmick mechanic in that he can only be damaged by the Serpent-Hunter, a weapon that is both a greatsword and a spear, which you can find on a corpse when you enter to the first time in the boss arena.

Because it’s mandatory armedthere’s no stats requirement to use it, but you can always upgrade it at a forge, which will definitely make the fight easier, so consider warping to upgrade it before returning to Grace’s site .

As special armament, Dark Forge Stones are required, along with an Ancient Dark Dragon Forge Stone to max level +10.

Although it’s possible to reach him almost as soon as you’ve reached Volcano Manor, you’ll probably be a bit underleveled, and so his attacks can take a lot of your time, so it’s best not to fight him until you are not nearby. the final stage of the game, which will be if you follow Tanith’s demands.

In any case, heavy armor and a shield will be very useful in mitigating most attacks.

Otherwise, invoke mimic tears with a Serpent-Hunter can also make this fight much easier.

How to Defeat the God Devouring Serpent

The boss arena is quite large, and although you see the large serpent in the middle, it will only initiate the fight when you are close. This gives you time to pick up the Serpent-Hunter from the corpse early on if you’re entering this fight for the first time, as well as summoning a spirit.

The snake is surrounded by lava which makes close range melee attacks less than ideal. While lava damage only deals chip damage, it pulls you away from your animation, making heavy or charged attacks impractical.

Luckily, the Serpent-Hunter has a special mechanic in this fight as each attack releases a blade of light, making it a ranged weapon. There’s also his unique skill that can be performed with the left trigger which can be charged into a powerful slash, although it will cost FP.

If you stay just outside the lava pool it’s pretty easy to spam attacks and if you have a mind to distract the snake will drop in no time.

If you’re doing it solo, you might have to watch out for his brute force attacks, which come in the form of lunges to either side, or sometimes both in quick succession, but these can be shielded with a strong shield.

They also have a grab attack that can be dodged, but if grabbed you’ll be slammed to the ground twice, though thankfully you only have to take critical damage once.

How to defeat Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy

Of course, the serpent is only the first phase before he reveals his true identity as Rykard. If you are killed during this phase, you will also have to fight the God-Eating Serpent again.

This new phase isn’t too different from the first, other than the fact that he now wields a blade that can really hurt, and so having a mind to distract him from is particularly useful here.

His most common combo has him swinging his sword left and right, before swinging it back (but not without first slamming it to the ground before continuing the swing, just to throw you), then ending with a climb and stab her into the ground in front of him.

You can dodge them if you keep your distance, and the Serpent-Hunter’s ranged attacks should still be able to hit.

The range of Rykard’s blade means he can sometimes smash into the environment and drop debris. These won’t hurt you, but they may obscure your vision.

It also has its own ranged attack, first releasing a small flaming skull from its mouth which then leaves a trail of fire followed by explosions along the trail.

Again, if you have a spirit with you it’s likely to follow them, leaving you open to keep moaning your Serpent-Hunter attacks without too much trouble.

Once you have chosen a starting class and departure souvenir itemyou have to work first how to level up, how to respect and use ashes of war. Need direction from there? try to find golden seeds, sacred tears, crystal tears, Talismans and some of our best weapon and best early armor set choices. If you are nearing the end of the game, we can help you with the Volcano Mansion Quest and Rykard, Haligtree Secret Medallion Locationssolve the Ordina, puzzle of the liturgical citythe millicent quest and defeat the toughest bosses including Commander Niall, Morgot, Divine Skin Duo, Maliketh and Malenie.

Reward of Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy

For a fairly straightforward gimmick fight, defeating Rykard nonetheless rewards you handsomely with 100,000 runes. You’ll also get Souvenir of Blasphemy, which can be used for runes or traded with Enia at the Round Table for new items, as well as the Great Rune of Rykard.

This will first need to be restored at the West Altus Divine Tower, but when equipped and consumed a Runic Bow, it will restore some health each time you kill an enemy.

Not bad, but not as useful as Malenieis the Great Rune.

With Rykard downed, you can also complete the quest at Volcano Manor as well as Patches.

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