Every Cancelled Nintendo DS Game – Did You Know Gaming? Ft. Remix


SUBSCRIBE for more canceled Nintendo DS games ► http://bit.ly/DYKG_Subscribe Canceled N64 games ► https://bit.ly/2X3PDzp Canceled GCN games ► https://bit.ly/3hJC7cg In this video, Did You Know Gaming takes a look at some of the facts, secrets, and history surrounding canceled DS games like Metroid Dread, Pokemon Gray, and games from the Mario and Zelda franchises, as well as many, many more canceled games. Follow DYKG on: Twitter: http://bit.ly/2oOavs2 Instagram: http://bit.ly/2oO4jjA Facebook: http://bit.ly/2nIrFp9 Website: http://bit.ly/NpYDbD Search & Video Editing by TheCartoonGamer Writing by Cara Hillstock Thumbnail Artwork by @JetpackBraggin Sources/Further Reading: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SLGg7MBv1ueCrZ5SysMxcmJA4wxrChkbF6LwjT52Pb0/edit?usp=sharing #NintendoDS #DS #Nintendo #NDS #Mario # Zelda # Pokemon.



  1. I remember there were mean girls pc games that sound exactly like what you described for the ds game. I remember I played the demo it was one of those old ones you got on free online website and had to download then pay to get the full game. I played and replayed it so much.

  2. I never liked the Nintendo DS, I had from the classic GB to the GBA and also the SP, but I never liked the DS, it has the same graphics as a GBA, only it has 2 screens and Wi-Fi and that's all, I got excited about the 3ds, that was a graphic jump in games, but the DS didn't make it very powerful, that's why many developers backed down with several games, it wasn't enough hardware to run good demanding games like 3ds was, check out RE-revelations, kid Icarus, Metroid II, iron Fall and many, many, more solid games Snake, the 3ds is a great console, the NDS is a GBA 1.5 and that the GBA is and continues to be my favorite.

  3. 1:49 – I'm sorry, but in what universe do you interpret the crucifixion of Christ as "Christmas themed"? If you ask me, this is in NO way related to Christmas at all. Rather, a mocking and offensive (not humorous) depiction of the death of Jesus Christ.

    Come on guys, get it right!

  4. Metroid Dread is alive and well, finally. And it's lovely. Also, remember. Nintendo has patented X,Y, and Z, as well as Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire, and Delta Emerald. I'm sure they've done more of this that I don't know about. Someone will.

  5. Man… Moonlight Fables sounded like a really good game. Plus, if it really had those HUGE sized levels, it could have changed people see the complexity of a handheld game. Least back then.

  6. Dual screen gaming handheld are a nightmare for future gaming and emulation. A clever idea but an overall crap one. Gave away my DS and I'll stick to my RG350.


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