Every Indie Game Shown During Today’s Guerrilla Collective Showcase

Every Indie Game Shown During Today’s Guerrilla Collective Showcase

anoo mutationem

Anno: Mutationem, borrowing generously from a popular promotional screenshot for a certain other cyberpunk game. Screenshot: Lightning Games

It’s officially the E3 season. Between the E3 marquee pressers (Microsoft, Square Enix, Ubisoft, et cetera) and individual publisher-turned-E3-rogue events (what’s up, Sony?), you can attend a handful of events focused on smaller games. The first of these, at least according to schedule, is the Guerrilla Collective, which today released the first of two digital showcases.

Now in its second year, Guerrilla Collective is shining the spotlight on indie games. This year’s event featured a joint broadcast with Black voices in the game, which features games created by black creators or featuring black protagonists. Today, during a 90-minute event, Guerrilla Collective offered a glimpse of dozens of intriguing indie games on the horizon. Here is what happened :

Anno: Mutationem is a cyberpunk-inspired action RPG with delicious pixel art and a mix of 2D and 3D perspectives. The fight looks as sweet as butter. A little reminiscent AbandonedWe have a trailer for the release of Bloodstained on Stadia.The Eternal Cylinder is a 3D survival game that presents you as a creature that looks like Dr. Moreau who raised an elephant and a duck. Nightmares.Trifox is a top-down double-stick action game. You play – you will never believe it – a fox and appear to have access to billions of different gadgets and weapons. Neat artistic style in cel-shading.

trifox game

Trifox. Screenshot: Big Sugar

AK-xolotl is another top-down action game where you take on the role of an irresistibly cute creature (in this case, an axolotl). Neat pixel art style for this one. It’s cooperative. Hell yeah.Rubi: The Uncontrollable Mira is a side-scrolling platform game that smacks of 80s influences and synth music. Moroi, which looks scary AF. It’s technically a top-down action shooter, but the horror influences are undeniable here. Okay, that stream has officially veered into “Ari Has Nightmares” territory. Source of madness is a side-scrolling roguelike oozing Lovecraftian vibes.Industry is a first-person shooter inspired by BioShock, Half Life 2 and the “works of David Lynch”. It takes place in a parallel dimension accessible via East Berlin towards the end of the Cold War. You fight robots.Chernobylite, a sci-fi survival horror game currently in early access, is released in full in July. It’s definitely a walking nightmare, if that’s your kind of thing. Hard rock. Fast-paced 3D action combat. Anime-as-hell art style. Yes i am so here for Ultra Age.Xalavier Nelson Jr., the creator of the most charming game of 2021, An airport for aliens currently run by dogs, ad a new game. It is called El Paso elsewhere, a third-person shooter set in a version of El Paso, Texas, overrun by vampires and werewolves. Lots of bullet time here. Love the medieval music of Elderand, a side-scrolling action game that, oh, no, what is this? Lovecraftian influences? Too scary for me! Run Die Run Again is a cyberpunk parkour game. He’s currently in the early stages of development, but looks exactly like the sort of thing that would appease Ghostrunner fans. Co-host Justin Woodward caught up with newly released indie developer Neil Jones Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield, a 3D racer set in a futuristic Detroit, for a brief interview. “The Black Voices In Gaming freshman class was an idea where we reach for the next games created by black talent in the game development space and the game industry,” Jones said. “I really wanted it to be something to highlight all of these games that were coming out relatively soon, and show that all of these creators in space, we’re all together and supporting each other, rather than being some kind of competition. . “The Ultimate Guild of Dungeoneering Edition released this year. Between magical animals, cotton candy visuals, and a noticeable lack of combat, the crafting world of Grow: Song of the Evertree seems like a terrific fodder rainy Sunday game.The return of the goddess is the first DLC for Legend of Keepers, a turn-based RPG. It will be released later this year.Tinkerville, a multiplayer sandbox game that has been in Early Access for some time, is getting a new patch, “Desert Dungeon”, on June 16.Legion of the Zodiac is a tactical RPG with hexagonal tiles that looks disturbingly complex, if that’s your thing. The minimalist space shooter Super Club Space is basically asteroids, but Twee. Released later this year. Sign me up!Master onsen is a management game where you meet customer needs through crafting, much like the Overcooked series.Ynglet, a side-scrolling meditative swim, is now available. All you need to know is … just look at this art style:


Screenshot: triple trim

Kraken Academy is a time loop game set in a high school infested with otherworldly monstrosities. Kung Fu Kickball has a new character. The game was playable at last year’s Summer Game Fest demo event. Quite fun, the type of game you play for a few turns like a drinking game.Aeon Drive is a side-scrolling cooperative platformer game. Released later this year and free to play on Steam this weekend. It took me two seconds to start crying during the trailer for End, a side-scrolling game with minimalist art style in which you play as a fox who immediately loses its baby fox. Your goal is to find the only place on the planet where humans can no longer harm you. “Ultimately, the most dangerous calling predators start to roam the world: humans,” says the narrator. So true.The beasts of the island of Maravilla is a 3D adventure game where you play as a wildlife photographer. Think: Pokémon Snap, but not on rails and without Pokémon Dinosaurs. Mythical ruins. Muted artistic style. Sandsurf worthy of a trip. Omno is one to watch. (He currently has a demo on steam.)Fire tonight is a 3D cyberpunk couple adventure game released on August 12th. Includes inline skating.The bearer of light is a 3D puzzle-platform. Windwaker’s influences are undeniable, with the cel-shaded graphics and the boomerang weapon. Alfred Hitchcock Vertigo is a video game adaptation loosely based on the movie classic.The legend of Tianding is a side-scrolling action game, set in the early 20th century, in which you play the iconic Taiwanese folk hero, Liao Tianding. Really cool cartoon effects here. Released in October.

the legend of tianding

Screenshot: Neon Doctrine

Lamentum, a pixel-art survival horror game set in New England – the home of Mr. Horror Master Stephen King – cites Resident Evil and Silent Hill as references.My lovely wife is a “mix of dating simulations, management and chemistry” that explores the depths of mourning following the death of his wife.Retrograde Arena is a top-down multiplayer arena shooter, currently available for free on Nintendo Switch. Publisher Neon Doctrine has announced Project Altheia, a fantasy game that received 10 seconds of airtime, starring a wolf.RPG Time: The Legend of Wright features a mishmash of artistic styles, including sketchbook designs and papier mache styles reminiscent of Paper Mario.Potato flowers in full bloom is a dungeon robot that mixes first-person exploration with isometric turn-based combat.RPG Golf Legends is a role-playing golf game that also makes you do RPG things like fight bears, go to golf. fishing and sailing the open oceans. 3D “High Speed ​​Blade Combat Simulator” Varvarion looks crazy. Dibs on the character with the bigger sword.Survival Quiz Town is basically Fall Guys + Trivia Night At Your Local Bar. Common flower antinomy is coming to Switch and PS4. The pixel-art shooter BlasterMaster Zero III releases July 29.Azure Striker Gunvolt 3 comes out next year.

And it’s a wrap. The Guerilla Collective will return for a second showcase – which will feature a whole new bundle of games – on Saturday, June 12, at 11:00 a.m.ET, right in the middle of E3 proper. (That same day, Ubisoft, Gearbox and the infamous pas-E3 Devolver Digital broadcast press conferences.) The second Guerrilla Collective event will be followed by the reliable and mellow Wholesome Direct. If you’re looking for a chilled appetizer before the spicy exhilaration of big budget gaming press conferences, next weekend’s double header is worth your time.


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