Everything you need to know about The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game

Everything you need to know about The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game

Brought to dark life by developer Sumo Digital and published by Gun Interactive, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre game is an asymmetric third-person horror effort that channels the terror and intensity of the 1974 genre classic with biting stealth and bloody, vicious executions.

Be sure to bookmark this guide as we cover everything you need to know about The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game including release date, gameplay details, latest trailer, PC specs And much more.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre game release date

The release date of Texas Chain Saw Massacre game has been officially confirmed as August 18, 2023. Texas Chain Saw Massacre game is expected to have a full release on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X consoles and PC via To smoke. The timeline for an Epic Games Store release for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game is currently unclear. Similarly, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game has not been confirmed for release on Nintendo Switch as of yet.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Gameplay
texas chainsaw massacre gameplay

At its core, The Texas Chain Massacre is an asymmetric online third-person multiplayer horror game where players must choose to take on the role of a member of the murderous Sawyer family, tracking down victims and tearing them apart with a range impressive stuff, or stepping into the shoes of the fresh-faced victims who must flee their nihilistic pursuers. Admittedly, at first glance, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre seems to have a lot in common with other asymmetric horror offerings such as Dead by Daylight and, most obviously, the sadly soon to be closed Friday the 13th, another genre effort inspired by a big-screen horror franchise with a cult following.

The games play out with three family members chasing four survivors around a fairly large map, one that’s abundant with all sorts of hiding places, crevices, and more that players can sneak into to evade detection (and later to a disorderly murder). Similar to other asymmetric horror endeavors, both sides have upgradable abilities and advantages that can be used to turn things in their favor. Survivors have perks that improve their stamina, make them quieter when sneaking, provide heightened senses, etc., while Family has perks that increase melee damage, better blood harvest, stamina improved and more.

Speaking of collecting blood, the decrepit grandfather Sawyer plays a key role in the game. abilities that can make life even more miserable for survivors on the run. Luckily, the survivors can prevent that from happening by attacking Grandpa Sawyer and thus severing the bond between him and the rest of the family, negating any additional benefit his abilities might provide to help that side in the process.

Who are the family members?

Rather than just being a bunch of identity goons, the Sawyer family is actually made up of a variety of deeply troubled individuals who each have their own unique traits to help them reap the flesh of their harassed careers. You can catch the Sawyer family members and their unique abilities below.

The cook: Always eager to find raw meat to harvest, the cook’s search ability allows him to focus on the slightest noise made by the victims, which greatly facilitates their search. Sissy: Well versed in substances and compounds in the world, Sissy can concoct a special toxic dust that can be blown into victims’ faces or used to contaminate objects around the map. The Hitchhiker: Skilled at making traps, the Hitchhiker can set special traps that not only temporarily stun victims, but also alert them to where on the map each trap has been triggered. Johnny: A true hunter in every sense of the word, Johnny’s Hunt ability allows him to see the footsteps of victims, allowing him to catch up with victims extremely quickly and unleash a barrage of brutal attacks against them. Leatherface: The iconic face of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, the Chainsaw Leatherface is the heavy brute of the Sawyer family and as such can use its Mangle ability to hack victims to pieces. Beyond that, Leatherface can also drastically change the structure of the map, as he is able to destroy escape passages, barricades, and more to reduce the chances of escape for victims. Who are the victims ?

The mere fact that the escapees are referred to as “victims” rather than “survivors” gives you an idea of ​​how long your life expectancy is against a trio of sharp-eyed killers. That said, each Survivor brings their own abilities to the table to help even things out, as you can see below.

Connie: Definitely one of the most skilled members of the group, Connie’s ability to concentrate allows her to pick a lock much faster than usual without using the unlock tool. However, the trade-off is that she will lose stamina and proximity warnings from her family while using the ability. Leland: The jock of the group, Leland’s athletic frame is used effectively with his Life Saver ability which allows him to execute a stun charge on a family member in order to disrupt an attack on one of his fellow survivors. Sonny: Something of a keen thinker, Sonny’s heightened sense ability allows him to not only hear and detect nearby family members, but also accurately locate their movements. Julie: Boasting one of the best abilities in perhaps the entire game as it currently stands, Julie’s Ultimate Escape ability not only makes her undetectable by the family for a short time, but also greatly reduces the loss stamina from sprinting, making it the perfect ability for pushing until a last-minute escape. Ana: The fearless leader of the group, Ana’s Pain is Nothing ability not only greatly reduces the damage she will absorb from attacks and falls, but it also provides temporary poison immunity. Does the game support crossplay?

Yes, Texas Chain Saw Massacre game will support crossplay at launch between PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X players. Unfortunately, crossplay will not be available in the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of latest generation of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Where can I watch the latest trailer?

The latest trailer for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game is available right now and focuses on the extremely violent murders the infamous Sawyer family can inflict on their poor and unfortunate victims. Although just over a minute long, this latest trailer for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre does a fantastic job of conveying the aesthetic, palpable intensity and dread that has long been synonymous with the cult 1974 film.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game PC Specs
system requirements for texas chainsaw massacre

Featuring proper lighting, detailed shadow work, and geometry modeling that really bring the eerie backcountry of Kingsland, Texas to life, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is shaping up to be one of the most popular multiplayer offerings ever. more visually accomplished than money can buy.

As of now, Gun Interactive has yet to release the official PC specification for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. However, during the technical test published at the end of May, a series of specifications were published based on four performance profiles. Based on this information, below you can find the minimum and recommended specs of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre PC as they currently stand, but be aware that they may change upon release.

Minimum PC specs:

Requires 64-bit processor and operating system OS: Windows 10 64-bit Processor: Intel I5 CPU Memory: 8GB RAM Graphics: Nvidia RTX 2070 DirectX: Version 11 Storage: 30GB available hard drive space

Recommended PC specs:

Requires 64-bit processor and operating system OS: Windows 10 64-bit Processor: Intel i7 CPU Memory: 16 GB RAM Graphics: Nvidia RTX 3090 DirectX: Version 11 Storage: 30 GB available SSD space

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