FAKE Nintendo DS from China!


How bad could it be?

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  1. 10 or 12 years ago I bought a refurb DS Lite from Deal Extreme, I had a little bit of prejudice against it but a few years later with my original DS in pretty bad shape, the Chinese one took it's place and still is alive today and rocking. I might've been lucky though and mine might not even be "refurbished" at all, might just be an used one, the box that it came with is probably a reproduction though, despite trying to look as original as it can be.

  2. The pwer led turning off after a second could be due to a bad shell replacement. Fun fact, it can also happen on bad ps vita shell replacements. Had to fix a botched shell swap a friend got, it was a pain figuring out what went wrong. In the end i still didnt know but i was fixed somehow. Werid quirks with handheld consoles i guess

  3. I cannot get over how much the prices of these old (original) units have gotten. A few years ago I was able to get them for a pretty decent price. Now I have to really search to find something that is worth the money.

  4. My original DS hinge broke years ago before I got a original 3ds on launch day. The plastic on those were always a general issue, but loved a lot of the games on that system.

  5. This channel has ruined me….. I keep buying broken cheap systems from Japan and fixing them, half of them aren’t even really broken. Systems I’ll never play. Just expensive toys to put on a shelf.


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