Fallout fans are trying to estimate Lucy’s XP level, following TV show finale

Fallout fans are trying to estimate Lucy's XP level, following TV show finale

Fallout TV series fans are trying to estimate the in-game character level its protagonist Lucy might have reached by the end of the show’s first season.

Please note, there will be Fallout TV spoilers below. If you are keen to keep the show as much of a surprise as possible, this is your chance to head elsewhere.

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At the start of the show, Lucy has been living inside Vault 33 with her father and brother. She is a fairly active member of the vault’s community, taking part in teaching, sports and so on. But, of course, Lucy is soon forced away from the comforts of the vaults, and into the ‘real-world’ on the surface.

When raiders lay siege on Vault 33 and take her father (the vault’s Overseer) away, Lucy sets off on a life-changing journey through the wastelands of America. During this time, she meets a range of colourful characters including ghouls, an organ harvesting robot, a couple of cannibals and more.

However, throughout the course of eight episodes, Lucy doesn’t actually partake in a lot of violence herself. She shoots some Radroaches off Maximus and performs some mercy kills, but generally prefers to use her words over her weapons.

So, if Lucy levelled up in the same way that the characters in the video games do, what level would she be by the end of season one? This is the question posed by social media user Fallout Films, which Fallout fans have since been discussing.

While some fans say Lucy could be “anywhere from level 12 to 17”, the majority seem to feel she would likely be less than that, and probably under level 10. This is because of the perceived number of ‘side-quests’ she does, her lack of combat (“she gone die if she run into robots mutants or deathclaw,” one fan noted) and the locations she discovers.

Generally, Fallout fans have said Lucy would be somewhere between level five and nine. “The Fallout TV series presumably runs by Bethesda rules, and thus we can reasonably assume the ratio of XP-from-combat to XP-from-quests is going to skew heavily towards combat. This works against Lucy’s levelling speed,” X user Many A True Nerd mused.

They suggested Lucy was using the equivalent of a Survival Mode, but “based purely on how easily that bear went to a 10mm pistol, we have to assume the TV series is being played on a low difficulty, which is inconsistent with survival mechanics,” Many A True Nerd continued. “so I guess we have to also assume the TV series is a modded playthrough.

“Even allowing for bonus survival mode XP, it’s hard to see her having more than 4000 – 5000 XP across the entire journey, with probably an extra 1000 tossed in for Main Quest completion. That would put her about Level 8, and I feel like I’m being generous.”

I have to say, having now finished the series, I think I agree with that assessment. What level do you think Lucy would be by the Fallout series finale?

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