Find a new game: Octopus


The topic of the game

About 70 percent of the earth’s surface is covered by water. But today, in every square kilometer of the sea, hundreds of thousands of pieces of plastic waste are floating. Turtles think that the plastic bags are jellyfish and fish confuse tiny plastic particles with plankton. Last but not least, small plastic particles, so-called microplastics, and environmentally harmful substances that are contained in the plastic or enriched in it can get into the human food chain via the fish. But how does all the garbage get into the sea? In this article, we will test a game which is about plastic pollution in the seas and wants to show how we could fix it.

About the game

Octopus project is the new legacy studio development that addresses an important topic. It’s not difficult to understand, and they hope it can raise awareness and be used for educational purposes. This game will transport you into an atmospheric world with a desperate desire for a little octopus that wants to fix things. The world is in danger and the people do not notice it. This game wants to lead people’s attention to this topic. You are playing the role of a little octopus who wants to save his friend, who is also an octopus and has problems with the plastic. You are in a small world where you have to clean up the sea and save your friend. The game has two levels right now and some more will follow.

Our review

Sure, It is not the best graphic quality and not the biggest and most interesting levels but the game is about a very important topic that needs to be supported. While testing it the first time we had some problems with the controls. A short menu with the important key functions would be very helpful for a first-time-player. A good point is that the game works on desktop and mobile. So it is playable for everyone because it’s also free-to-play.

Our conclusion

For us, it’s clear its not the best game but we think that the game has a very important topic. Because it is a free-to-play game we can recommend it to everyone who cares about the world. Because of the important topic we can also recommend the game for anyone, also for those who say they do not care because its just a small game which doesn’t take so much time.


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