Focus Home Interactive has acquired Dotemu, the developers of Streets of Rage 4

Focus Home Interactive has acquired Dotemu, the developers of Streets of Rage 4

Focus Home Interactive, European leader in video game publishing and development, announces the signing of a contract to acquire 77.5% of the capital of Dotemu, the world leader in retro-gaming based in Paris. Dotemu is both a game developer and publisher, known for releasing more than fifty retro games on consoles, PCs and mobiles.

Composed of a talented and passionate team of around thirty people, Dotemu has already demonstrated its expertise in discovering and updating old cult licenses in order to transform them into critical and commercial successes on a global level. Positioned in a very attractive market, Dotemu is a fast-growing company which achieved a turnover of 14.6 million euros and has a very ambitious growth plan for the years to come.

Dotemu has become an expert in this field and has already developed and re-released legendary franchises such as Final Fantasy, Another World, Double Dragon and, most recently, Street of Rage, which has been played by over 2.5 million people in the world. Dotemu also develops games in-house through its development team, with titles such as Ys Origin, Heroes of Might and Magic III HD and the highly anticipated Windjammers 2.

Christophe Nobileau, CEO of Focus Home Interactive, declared: “The arrival of Dotemu marks a key step in the acceleration of the Group’s growth and in the diversification of its expertise. By enriching our editorial line, we are opening up a new source of income and new market shares to be conquered in a rapidly growing sector.

We are delighted to welcome talents such as Cyrille Imbert and his teams to the Focus Group, who have succeeded in making games attractive and giving them new life for millions of players around the world. Finally, this agreement is just another step in our history of growth. Following the integration of the Deck13 and Streum On studios, we are actively looking for other companies with high potential to accelerate our development and expand our offer.

Cyrille Imbert, CEO of Dotemu, adds: “Joining the Focus Home Interactive Group was an obvious choice for Dotemu. We share the same passion for video games, the same desire to progress, as well as the same values ​​of respect and kindness towards our partners and our teams. While pursuing its activities, this new collaboration will allow Dotemu to benefit from the indisputable expertise of the Focus Home Interactive teams for the production of AA titles and thus to launch the production of future remakes or suites on first-class 3D console licenses. generation (early 2000s games).

While retaining the editorial and strategic independence that has made its success, Dotemu will be able to give even more ambition to its projects and give itself the means to expand the range of services offered to studios, in order to guarantee the success of their productions. . on the retro label as well as on the publishing label The Arcade Crew. Dotemu is therefore ideally positioned to achieve its ambitious growth plan of tripling its turnover in the medium term. My mission will also be to share Dotemu’s expertise with the Focus Home Interactive teams, to select and convince talented teams to join the Group in order to build, together, a key player in the video game industry at scale. global.

Focus Home Interactive expands its offering and editorial line with the acquisition of Dotemu, which will continue to edit and produce unique titles with high commercial potential, supported by cult video game and pop culture licenses such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Metal Slug Tactics, as well as other quality titles to be announced in the coming months. Above all, Dotemu will benefit from Focus Home Interactive’s expertise in the field of AA games, which will allow it to develop even more ambitious projects.

In addition, with this agreement, Focus Home Interactive strengthens its technical capacities for the development of independent games. The Dotemu teams will thus be able to give even more ambition to the young independent publishing label The Arcade Crew. After successful productions like The Last Spell or Dark Devotion, The Arcade Crew is preparing many other ambitious productions like Young Souls and other quality titles that will be announced in the coming months.

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