GameCube/Wii Emulation In Retroarch 2020 Edition – Standalone Dolphin Is Better!!


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  1. I’ve done everything you did and it keeps saying “Failed to Load Content.” I’m trying to play Paper Mario TTYD. Not even the thumbnails freaking worked. What do I do? Please answer.

  2. mine still dont work it kept saying "failed to load content" everytime i try to load a Gamecube game, but the other games work SNES, SEGA, NES, MAME, etc. but still the gamecube dosentwork despite doing everthing in this video

  3. I keep getting the problem where it says, Failed to open Libereto core but I placed the files exactly where you did and i even have it working perfectly on my Xbox series x but not my pc.. any recommendations??

  4. I tried every single thing I ever found about the Dolphin emulator in Gamecube games for Retroarch, and I mean EVERYTHING and not a single thing worked, I don't know why, the Wii games work fine.

  5. i keep getting “failed to open libretro core” when trying to play a gamecube game. i downloaded and moved the sys folder and changed the video driver to vulkan

  6. Just subbed, going thru all your retroarch vids. I just started using retroarch thru coinops on my vewlix cabinet. I found the coinops pre installed rarch not ideal as i can't seem to adjust settings (some settings seem locked) so i want to build my own setup from scratch. I had an issue with getting second gamecube controller recognized with coinops preinstalled version? Need to try redoing my rarch gamecube to see if its a coinops issue or not?

  7. i downloaded the standalone which i like for controller mapping but the one thing is when i play blitz pro i get this crazy loud audio static (but not with my other games) it's not the iso because the same iso running in retroarch plays fine. i just hate retroarch lack of button mapping for gamecube controllers. again the rest of my iso play fine on standalone. any idea???

  8. after you click on users you click on icest but i dont have this file and it would be nice if you said what to click when you have got everything running instead of speeding it up and not telling us where to go now

  9. I have no clue what's happening in this video. Followed a video for running PS2 games but now this? Can't we have different different cores in a single app? I mean there is an option to download cores there in the app, but why doesn't work?


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