Genshin Impact 3.7 Events and New Additions

Genshin Version 3.7 Livestream Overview

With 3.6 coming to an end, it’s time to look forward to the upcoming release and be excited for all the things to come, characters, and other features. While 3.7 has little to add on lore, it’s a welcome breather episode to mess around with. Let’s see what’s coming in version 3.7!

New Characters and Banner Reruns

There is only one new character for version 3.7: Kirara. She is an Inazuman youkai and a 4 star Dendro Sword character. She works as one of the best couriers in the country and will deliver your packages on time.

His regular attack combo incorporates a lot of nature as a yokai beast. Scratching and kicking with his cat feet are included in his moves. His elemental skill behaves differently depending on whether you press or hold the button. She does a quick slash with the first, then creates a Dendro shield.

Holding the button also creates a shield and places it in a unique state. While under its effects, Kirara has increased movement speed and jumping ability and can scale vertical surfaces. Hitting enemies will also inflict Dendro DMG.

Using his Burst causes him to slam a special delivery package at enemies, causing it to explode into smaller mines. Like Klee’s bombs, these explode on contact with enemies or after a set duration. They can also be sucked in by specific Anemo abilities.

Kirara accompanies Yoimiya and Yae Miko in their replay banners for the first phase. Alhaitham and Kaedehara Kazuha will appear in the second phase.

New Events in 3.7 Duel! Summoner’s Summit

The flagship event of 3.7 is ‘Duel! Summoner’s Summit!.’ This is an international Genius Invokation TCG tournament featuring familiar faces from countries we have visited before. Of course, Cyno will join in all things card game. Kaeya will make an appearance, and the other representatives are Hu Tao, Kazuha, Sangonomiya Kokomi, and Yae Miko.

Based on dialogue and implied by a later announcement, the Archons may also appear as competitors in the tournament. At the very least, their card will be available during and after the event. More than that, there’s something mysterious behind the scenes of the competition, and it’s up to Traveler and new character Charlotte to investigate.

As the tournament progresses, there will be mini-games and other activities. Four are tied to the main event, and the others will come after.

A Tour of Wonders

This takes travelers to the different landmarks and locations of each country available. There they have to complete a challenge and collect stamps for rewards. Challenges can be a race, fight, or other timed challenge. It’s like an Amazing Race but for Teyvat.

Zero Hour Summon

In this series of duels, players are given specific cards to use for their deck. From the overview page, it’s a character, a weapon, their talent cards, and an artifact card. Build a deck with these presets and defeat anyone who dares challenge you.

Evermotion Mechanical Paint

Like the previous one, travelers must place gears to bring the painting to life. However, it does add the dimension of switching and rotating the base, so you’re not just putting pieces in anymore. It is more difficult to understand where things are.

dice heart

This is a combat-focused event where players collect elemental dice when defeating enemies. Using an event-only skill, they can spend those dice to deal a ton of damage through a shockwave. The more dice corresponding to the active character’s element, the stronger the shock wave.


Along with the usual Primogem and upgrade rewards (including talent books and other materials), a new 4-star bow, the Ibis Piercer, will be up for grabs. Of course, his refinement gear will also be available to everyone who participates in the events!

Other events 3.7

There are other limited time events in 3.7. These are not related to the above flagship, but will fill the time before the next update arrives.

Feast of Fallen Warriors

A battle-focused event where you can set and customize the battle difficulty. The bosses featured are Aeonblight Drake, Thunder Manifestation, and the Coral Defenders. Put your characters to the limit with these challenging fights!

Fayz tests: hypothesis

The Fayz Trials are back with their time-stopping and weakness-finding mechanics. Like before, it’s a combat event where you can seek out enemies’ weaknesses with the special ability and kill them with a single hit.

Divine Ingenuity: Collector’s Chapter

Divine Ingenuity also returns with brand new features. Instead of only creating “race” domains (collect coins and arrive at your destination), you can also create battle domains! You can put enemies and other types of other mechanics in your area.

The event will also let you share your domains so they can try them out. However, you must be able to complete it before you can do so. Discover the creativity of the community and try several!

New TCG Updates

With this TCG-focused update, the minigame will definitely have some changes. As mentioned above, currently encountered Archons cards will be available in this version. In addition, the TCG has new features to facilitate the use of these cards.

The Temper of the Forge Kingdom

This is a harder version of the Tavern Challenges, which are already very tricky. Here you can set some parameters to earn more points. This includes increasing enemy health, limiting the number of turns, and more.

The more you complicate the duel, the more points you get! How far can your decks take you?

arena of champions

This is a PvP event where players must win 5 times without losing more than 3 times. Otherwise, their winnings will be reset and they will have to replenish them. Since you’ll be battling other travelers, you know you’ll need a good deck and a bit of luck to get those 5 wins.

New character story chapter

Yoimiya gets his wish to travel outside of Inazuma in Act II of his character story quest. What kind of adventures will she embark on? Still, the traveler is one of the best people to go with him since he has visited all the nations and can take him to the most exciting places.

Kaveh Hangout Event

Learn more about this broke architect with a bleeding heart in his Hangout event! Primogems, Talent & EXP Books, Ascension Materials, and its Specialty Dish are things you can get by doing this. Have fun discovering more about the characters.

A teaser for Fontaine!

At the end of the livestream, we get a first look at what appears to be Fontaine. Not the city proper, but a feature we’ve been waiting for: diving! The first scenes of the teaser show corals, algae and fish underwater. Then it moves to show Aether swimming on the surface of the water.

Even if he was swimming normally, why would HoYovere give so much detail to underwater things? Diving (one way or another) will be a core feature of Fontaine. This is, after all, Hydro Nation, and there could be a lot hidden under the water.

Of course, that could also mean draining the water, but that would mean taking away the nation’s most important resource. This is unlikely to be unique to the country. Sumeru has the Four Leaf Seal, Inazuma has the Waverider, Liyue has those Plaustrite Rigs, and Mondstadt has Gliders. Fontaine would have something similar related to water, so why not make it a diving feature?

Yet, until the official release, this remains speculation and may turn out to be untrue.

Excited for Genshin Impact 3.7

TCG enthusiasts around the world will surely be thrilled with all the events in 3.7. Next are those who love the featured characters, especially Cyno. General Mahamatra will not pass up an opportunity to indulge in his favorite pastime without participating in it.

Although there is no update on tradition or a step forward in the traveler’s journey, these breaks allow us to relax and release tension. We want to know and solve the mysteries, but we can only race towards the answers by pausing and recharging sometimes. So even if it’s filler, as some would say, it refreshes us for the next stage of the story.

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