Good luck getting controllers to work with Nintendo 64 Online…


Get Honey FREE today ▸ Honey finds coupons with just one click. Thanks to Honey for the sponsorship! Nintendo Switch Online just added its N64 expansion pack, and the controller situation is a mess. There are a bunch of Nintendo 64-style controllers that work on the Switch, but Nintendo is making it really hard… ?BE NOTIFIED: SUB! ▶️New videos AT LEAST weekly ?WULFFDENAPPAREL ? ➤➤➤Support the channel! Become a sponsor: • Access to sponsored Discord chat only • Chat badge and emotes • Priority game time for multiplayer chat streams (whenever we do them) ? Support the channel! Use these links to buy things: Hyperkin Admiral Nintendo Switch Online eCash – Nintendo eShop Gift Card Nintendo Switch Console ?Twitch: ?Twitter [Bob]: ?Twitter [WulffDen]: ?Instagram: ?Facebook: ?Our Discord server: (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ.



  1. Any update to this subject? The controllers Nintendo are selling, they got bought out by lazy (edit)s and are selling them for $100+.

    Will the Admiral do the job for me? I'd rather not have to deal with an OG style controller anyway. I agree with the HOT GARBAGE opinion. LOL

  2. they had a great opportunity to remake a unique and high-potential controller and they fucked it up lmao. I bought 4 of those retro fighters controllers. All four shoulder buttons on all 4 controllers broke within 10 days of speedrunning each. I just want an n64 controller that doesn't suck.

  3. well, imagine playing ff9 on ps1 as your childhood and then play the remaster on switch.. on the battle acrobatic scene between zidane and blank, the problem was not ab position swap, but on all abxy button because the consious mind was think tne ps button layout by default.. same with ff8 remaster on train scene to put code.. its about the nostalgia effect.. its so frustrating.. for someone constantly playing beetween switch and xbox one it so confuaing because it all swap, damn im get very confused.. when see press a, need to look the joystick.. is it xbox or switch, because my mind suddently blank and forgot what console i'm playing right now, haha

  4. Everyone hates Nintendo because they want shit to be done their way or no way. They decided that control layout must be the one you shall use. No way of changing it. And don't you dare emulating our games.
    At this point it's safe to assume they know exactly why people emulates, they just don't give a shit.

  5. Nintendo at this point is just getting money off of you all nostalgia, just get an emulator and play on your pc, man you don't even get the games you have to pay annually, why would you pay for something you already have? most people already have the games and the hardware.

  6. "I'd rather be playing these games on an emulator."
    That's the problem with the expansion. There's no significant addition besides these games which can be easily emulated. Yeah, you can argue you can do the same with nes and snes, but that's just $20/year and there are other features besides those.


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