Ground Branch | The Best CQB in a Tactical Shooter | A Complete Overview


Ground Branch is fun, and frankly, I think it’s time to consider picking it up again if you haven’t already. Weapon and kit customization coupled with top notch team play and realistic CQB make this one of the best deals on Steam for Tactical Shooter fans. Join the channel: Connect with me! My microphone Setup: My Platform: IbuyPower INTEL Z390 Gaming Ultra (Custom) Nearest Pre-Build: Monitor: Scepter E255B-1658A 24.5″ 165Hz 144Hz 1ms – Case: CaseLian Li LANCOOL ONE Tempered Glass RGB Gaming Case – Black CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-9700K Processor (8x 3.60GHz/12MB cache L3) Motherboard: MSI Z390-A PRO — Gb LAN, USB 3.1 (1 Type-C, 3 Rear, 4 Front) Memory: 16 GB [8 GB X2] DDR4-3000 Memory Module Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 – 8GB GDDR6 (VR-Ready) Power Supply: 600W Standard 80 PLUS Gold Cooling: iBUYPOWER 120mm Addressable RGB Liquid Cooling System Main Hard Drive: SSD Data Hard Drive 1TB Samsung 860 EVO: 1TB Hard Drive (Generic) .



  1. Great video. One small mistake though: at 8:43 you talk about reloads without retention and state that you lose your magazine for the rest of the round. This is not true. You can still pick them up. Also, you can drop and pick up weapons, or just grab their mags.

  2. sick of early access games, you make the roadmap sound like it might mean something. Every early access game has one and pretty much all of those games haven't met that roadmap ever. this is going to keep happening if people keep buying early access its annoying as hell

  3. You can use the weapon-environment collision mechanic to your advantage. In CQB, you can equip a pistol and fire from the high ready, so if you're face to face with an enemy and both of your weapons lift up automatically, switch to your pistol while you rush the enemy, forcing him to keep his weapon up (helpless), fire and smoke him

  4. Hi,
    In regards of the water bag on the breaching charge its simply because the explosives want to go in the easiest direction that has less restriction, in other words the explosive stick to a door without water bag would just blast in the wrong direction aka towards operators and yes it is use IRL.
    Btw ima driller & blaster. Great video keep up the good work!

  5. Another question bro, is it possible to put a flashlight on the top of an mp5? Seems ridiculous but it would be cool to roleplay as an 80s era SAS team. Iranian embassy style

  6. This sounds like a paid review. Nothing seems groundbreaking besides being able to move your optic closer or further or selecting how much ammo to bring. Everything else seems cosmetic or ancillary to gameplay

  7. Looks like a great game, I bought it to support the ideas they have for it long term. There just isn't enough variety in what you can actually do with it yet and it's hard to get people together for it for me. I've done alot of Solo Terrorist Hunt but I can't sell my friends on it yet.

  8. Hey bro, can you put a rail on the m4 and then put the holographic further down the barrel like you see on Canadian special forces rifles in a lot of pictures? That would be cool

  9. I've been long looking for a game like ground branch after I stopped play Escape From Tarkov due to their extreme fight against currency selling that affects the gameplay experience of normal players. Glad to find something like that again.

  10. After 2300 hours in Arma 3, some of the game functionality you describe sounds like they took the best of the milsim community mods, rolled them all into a single package, and improved some while they were at it — I'm thinking specifically of the limited penetration scroll wheel, as just one small example. This game will totally be on my radar now.

  11. Hopefully they manage to stick to the concept. The roadmap looks promising – almost like a dream come true for SWAT / GR fan. However, at the moment the game is more like a proof of concept and I wouldn't recommend anyone to buy it unless they want to support the development / experiment with certain features that are unique to this product.

  12. Game is bloody brilliant the ready room is every rainbow six raven shields fan wet dream you know you can pick up your dropped magazines and also take magazines out of fall enemies guns plus pick up their gun or throw your gun on the floor and your team mate can take it . Game Beats that crap glowing spandex your in my space mobile phone operators rainbow six siege.


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