GTFO Everything you need to know – Updated

GTFO Everything you need to know - Updated

GTFO is a hardcore 4 player co-op FPS game where players descend into a brutal underground facility in a desperate fight for survival. Released on the 10th of December, 2021, GTFO has received a ton of updates making it bigger, better, and more deadly. 

Are you brave enough to enter the Rundown? Here’s everything you need to know.

What is GTFO? 

In GTFO you play as a prisoner, dropped into the Rundown to complete work orders assigned to you by the mysterious Warden. As GTFO is a co-op FPS you’ll be working alongside three other players as you try to survive, exploring a colossal subterranean series of levels known as The Complex. 

GTFO is about good communication and working together in order to complete multi-objective expeditions. The Rundown will act as your mission hub and will change what expeditions are available to you at various times. Some expedition sets may be more difficult to complete and will, therefore, remain active for a month or so. Additionally, others may only appear for a few days before the Rundown changes, offering new challenges. 

The deeper you go, the tougher the challenges will become. With no traditional mission structure, the concept of The Rundown is an interesting one that keeps the game feeling fresh as it rotates its expeditions for players.

It’s dark, it’s scary and you’re going to get killed a lot, but try not to worry too much, you will have some kick-ass equipment to help you survive.

GTFO Gameplay

The key to your success in your missions is making the most of your equipment and weapons. Not only that but learning the layout of the facilities you’re entering will help you achieve your goals. Ammo will be limited, so making sure shots count is vital. You’ll also have access to a number of gadgets to help give you the edge in a fight. 

For example, the motion tracker is vital to planning how you approach rooms; it will show where enemies may be waiting on the other side of doors. The mine deployer and sentry turret will help with creating deadly traps to lure creatures towards. Additionally the foam launcher will slow down enemies by blocking up doorways or by firing it directly on to your enemy. 

You will also die a fair amount, but when you do you’re able to take what you’ve learned from that failed expedition and use it in the next one. Each expedition will take you to various parts of the facility and will feature different styles, objectives and other conditions.

Survive, Fight, Die, Live

GTFO features a disgusting cast of hideous creations to sneak or fight your way past – but trust me, you should try sneaking as much as possible.Many of the creatures you encounter when playing GTFO are in a state of suspended hibernation. This gives you ample chance to go in quiet and achieve your objectives without fighting off hordes of horrible monsters.

But when things do go wrong, you’ve got a ton of weaponry to hand to be able to hold the hordes at bay. Be warned though – GTFO is a hardcore FPS. and death lurks around every corner. If you don’t set up choke points, communicate with your team, or use the right weapons, your team is toast. And we don’t want that.

What’s new in GTFO?

GTFO has received loads of updates following its launch. The latest, ALT://Rundown 6.0 Destination, has increased the amount of punishing expeditions you and your team can take on to 71. 

Complete new objectives, experience 13 new expeditions, fight threats, and earn new rewards. With a brand-new Spartacus MX-2 Helmet to unlock and the devastating Drekker INEX Drei Scattergun, there’s plenty of reasons to dive back into The Complex in this latest update.

If you need to know more – check out the gameplay trailer above to whet your appetite.

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