Here's 6 Really INTERESTING New Nintendo Switch Games We’ve Been Playing!


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In this more ‘podcast-y’ episode, we go through some of the games that we’ve been playing in our leisure time recently on the Nintendo Switch. What did we think of them? Well, let’s find out…

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00:41 – Episode Sponsor – Lytmi
01:41 – Neverawake Was An Unusual Shooter!
02:10 – They Crammed It With Veggies
03:09 – What IS SHE Firing?
03:51 – Upgrade System
04:52 – Introducing Glen To Katamari On Switch
05:19 – Those Controls!
06:27 – What’s the point?
07:13 – The Music Is So Good!
08:15 – Super Zombie Soldiers…
08:47 – The premise and settings
09:20 – Gyro says what?
10:23 – Co-Op
10:43 – The Other Side Of the Rebellion Coin…
11:19 – Sandbox Sniping
11:49 – Co-Op GOLD Moment
12:46 – Glen Goes Full Gareth From the Office
13:33 – Killer Freqeuncy Is Like Firewatch but scary
14:17 – Moving around
14:57 – Hotline horrow
17:02 – It’s BIG flaw
17:25 – Win a COPY of this GEM!
17:38 – Smushi has useless friends
18:09 – Ideas For A Zelda TOTK Spinoff
18:37 – A Short Hike Feels
18:57 – What do you do?
19:19 – That Art Style
19:59 – Ride the Capybara
20:31 – It Doesn’t NEED to be longer
22:06 – Which Game Tickled you?

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Mark & Glen

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  1. To Win a copy of that last game – let us know which aspect of a specific game in the list you enjoyed. Plus don’t miss the segment on SMUSHU we had some good laughs in this episode. Happy Gaming!

    A thanks to Lytmi for sponsoring this episode – if you're interested you can save 5% on your set using our code "switchup5" here

    Save 10% on eshop credit! Get 5% Cashback on your eshop credit at and use code SwitchUp at checkout for an extra 5% discount!

  2. Yeah I ordered NeverAwake also… Very interesting art style… I been playing Baobabs Mausoleum Grind house Edition.. it's wierrd or strange or maybe crazy.. not sure… Definitely interesting …

  3. Great to see the shout out for Sniper Elite 4. I don't play it as much as I used to, but it remains a stone cold killer. The campaign mode is great, no doubt about it… deathmatch modes are also fun, now and then, but for me, the game is all about Survival mode. On Authentic/Authentic Plus, it is simply sublime…in roughly 46 years (on and off – mostly on!) of gaming, it remains one of the most thrilling experiences available. Sure, it will look slightly better on more powerful consoles, but it still looks great on Switch, and the fine-tuning of the aiming process via motion controls works like a dream and adds so much. I recently deleted and sold Zelda: BOTW (great in some respects, sword durability not being one of them…), but will NEVER delete Sniper Elite 4. It's that good.

  4. The Smushi game is the game that actually caught my interest (and the Zelda joke/clip had me rolling). I love the style and the exploration aspect… Which is also my favorite aspect of the new Zelda games. Thanks for the video and the laugh!

  5. great stuff again fellas
    Some off the wall games i hadn't heard of I've now bought thanks to your vid
    Ride the caypbara with its unique premise and not a re master or being able to play anywhere else catch's my eye
    thanks for keeping us informed 🙂

  6. You guys are hilariously awesome as someone whos worked in the industry out of all the review channels yours is by far the best the banter, the jokes, the shoutouts and excellent recommendations on all things; just mint. i will often in a pinch for a review only search for the game review at random and if I get yours or see your review I actually get excited i think I say "Yes!!" Even before clicking everytime. Thanks for all the work you do mates. You guys are forever my goto for switch reviews and I look forward to you carrying on into the next nintendo switch console as I think with its inherent upgrades is going to be a treat not only for its gaming but for the presumed ecstatic new reviews we get then and until.

  7. I know Glen mentioned control issues with Killer Frequency but I still want to play it. I love the setting and the overall vibe of the game. It seems like a pretty cool game despite some issues.

  8. The game that tickles my fancy is Zombie Army 4 I love that game liked it better than trilogy but I've been trying to get my hands on a physical copy of We Love Katamari with no luck…so frustrating how low print Namco did with it


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