Here’s everything announced during Nintendo’s latest Indie World showcase •

Here's everything announced during Nintendo's latest Indie World showcase •

It was a formerly popular showcase of the independent world tonight, with Nintendo serving up another quick – but extremely eventful – look at some of the new titles heading to Switch between now and next year. Headliners included surprise launches for Axiom Verge 2 and Boyfriend Dungeon, not to mention an upcoming release for the stunning Tetris Effect: Connected, but if you’ve missed the show and want some hands-on catching up, you’ll find all that is announced below.

Necrobarista: Final Pour, an enhanced version of the acclaimed visual novel-style adventure of Route 59, launches today as an exclusive timed console on Switch. Once again, the elegantly told story centers around a magical Melbourne cafe where the dead were allowed to mingle with the living last night, but Final Pour introduces new narrative content, remastered visuals, as well as a new Studios mode, where players can create their own dialogues and stories.

Necrobarista: Final For – Switch Trailer.

However, Necrobarista isn’t the only game launching on Switch; go to the eShop now and you will find Axiom Verge 2, the long-awaited sequel to the famous 2005 retro-styled Metroid-a-like from developer Thomas Happ, as well as the vibrant life-sim-style adventure Garden Story – an exclusive timed console on Switch that traces a sentient grape’s attempts to wrestle against the ubiquitous rot and help rejuvenate an island and its inhabitants.

Axiom Verge 2 – Launch Trailer.

To continue, the shack-and-slash dungeon crawl adventure from developer Kitfox Games Boyfriend Dungeon – in which players can hang out with a plethora of sexy weapons – is also available on Switch, as is the sublime strategy GrizzlyGames Minimalist City Building Game Delights Islanders: Console Edition. This one, which originally released on PC in 2019, took up a huge amount of my time as I succumbed to its calming rhythms of building placement and score maximizing, so consider this a recommendation from my friend. go.

Islanders – Launch Trailer.

Boyfriend Dungeon – Launch Trailer.

It’s not quite that for today’s releases! Slime Rancher: Plortable Edition – a version of Monomi Park’s much-loved (and utterly adorable) exploratory sci-fi farming adventure – is now available on the Switch eShop, as is Curious Expedition 2. This second release for Maschinen-Mensch’s excellent 19th century roguelike The expedition simulation is just as compelling as its predecessor, conjuring up a whole new set of fantastic and often mind-boggling survival adventures.

Curious Expedition 2 – Switch launch day trailer.

Slime Rancher: Plortable Edition – Trailer.

A little further down there is developer Pixpil Eastward’s magnificent pixel art adventure, which Coming to Switch September 16 exclusively on a timed console.

Eastward – Switch Trailer.

Next is Tetris Effect: Connected – the enhanced multiplayer version of Eurogamer’s 2018 Game of the Year – which reimagines its mesmerizing light and sound show of the classic puzzle game. to switch on October 8.

Tetris Effect: Connected – Gameplay Preview.

Further still is TOEM: A Photo Adventure, a relaxed, camera-based puzzle from developer Something We Made that launches on Switch this fall. Embodied as an amateur photographer on a journey to see a magical phenomenon known as TOEM, players will have to pull out their cameras and complete various photography-themed quests for NPCs in order to collect the prize for the bus. necessary to travel from one region to another. region and achieve their goal.

TOEM – Switch Announcement Trailer.

As winter approaches, Switch players will be able to get their hands on Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon, a block-matching spinoff adventure for the retro platform hero from developer Yacht Club Games, as well as the winemaking simulator. Hundred Days. Additionally, developer Four Quarters’ extremely compulsive Loop Hero – which sees players placing construction, terrain, and enemy maps around a randomly generated path to create a viable (but hopefully lucrative) looping expedition. – also has a winter ETA on Switch.

Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon – Switch Trailer.

Next up is Far: Changing Tides, the beautifully atmospheric sequel to the acclaimed post-apocalyptic automotive adventure Far: Lone Sails, which will arrive on Switch early next year. Once again, the experience – which developer Okomotive calls a “relaxing, accessible and meditative adventure” – is built around distinguished side-scrolling vehicle handling, but, this time, instead of a Tanked across a dry ocean, players embark on a boat adventure above and under the waves.

Far: The Changing Tides – Trailer.

Also expected next year: Leikir Studio’s intriguing Metal Slugs Tactics – which turns classic run-and-gunner into a grid-based tactical warfare game – and the surprising Bomb Rush Cyberpunk from developer Team Reptile, which is coming. exclusively on a timed console. You might have seen this one do the trick recently, but, if not, it’s heavily inspired by Sega’s classic Jet Set radio, with all the grinding and graffiti you could hope for.

Metal Slug Tactics – Switch Trailer.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk – Switch Trailer.

Rounding out the recently confirmed independent offerings to head to Switch in 2022 is Astroneer, System Era Softworks’ interplanetary sandbox interplanetary adventure, LumearJack (in which an ecologically minded bear embarks on a rampage. ax and puzzle-based to thwart industrial giant Evil Works), and, finally, the extremely silly multiplayer board game Gang Beasts.

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