Here’s what’s new in FIFA 22 gameplay on PS4, Xbox One and PC •

Here's what's new in FIFA 22 gameplay on PS4, Xbox One and PC •

EA Sports did a song and dance about new FIFA 22 gameplay features exclusive to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S, but what’s new for the next-gen version of the game?

FIFA 22 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC (yes, PC gets latest generation version) will be the most played version of the game, given the huge installation base of the latest generation consoles compared to the current new generation, which has a limited supply.

So, it’s worth browsing what those who intend to play FIFA 22 on the last gen will get what is new in terms of gameplay.

We published my practical impressions of FIFA 22 on PS5 – what’s interesting is that I felt some of the changes to all versions (except the Nintendo Switch, which again gets the Legacy Edition) of the game perhaps even more keenly than exclusive next-generation features.

At a recent preview event that Eurogamer attended, Senior Gameplay Producer Sam Rivera described the changes to FIFA 22 on the last generation as well as the current generation.

There is a significant goalkeeper update which includes an animation update for goalkeepers. EA also promises more reliable backups. While playing on PS5, I found the goalies harder to beat than in FIFA 21, with new animations for saves and for collapsing on the ball after a save. They seem at least less inclined to parry a shot in the path of a rushing opponent.

Rivera also said that FIFA 22 has “real ball physics” in the last generation and the current generation, which affects the trajectory of the ball. It is certain that moving the ball to the side of the field seems more viable, and loft passes tend to find a teammate in space. You can also get this wonderful pass driven by Ronaldinho from the inside to the outside.

There is a new explosive sprint feature in both versions of the game. This explosive sprint affects how fast the player accelerates when pressing the forward sprint in a straight line (it does not work if trying to go backwards or to the side). The idea is that you will feel that explosive sprint with more weight at the start as the player accelerates quickly. This happens with or without the ball, but there is a downside – it’s easier to overtake, so you have to time the sprint well.

There are new attack tactics at all levels. Rivera mentioned that you can now select your attack tactics separately from your offensive half and your defensive half. You can, for example, go for possession in your own half of the field and go straight through to the opposing half of the field.

There are four new skill moves this year: The Scoop Goes Wrong; the four-key skill (important when you are on the sidelines); the qualified bridge; and the first rotation. There are also skill moves for the first time. 90% of skill moves can be used to control the ball, Rivera said. You can’t use skill moves that don’t hit the ball for this, obviously, nor the skill bridge.

And there are a lot more stats to dig into, including the popular statistic of Expected Goals. You get more detailed information about your shots, your passes, where the passes are made, the positions your players take, etc.

And finally, EA Sports is trying to fix the tackle issue and not get the ball back, which has been a problem in previous FIFA games. Rivera also briefly touched on other changes designed to improve “fairness of the game.” He said EA Sports had “responded to community calls through the fundamental competitive balance”. What does this mean, exactly? One example is EA extends forced manual headers to more parameters. There are also changes in the blocks and physicality of the players.

Expect more details on the changes to the next-gen version of FIFA 22 in an upcoming “Concept Notes” blog post on EA’s website.

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