Here's Why I'm Buying The Nintendo DS Lite In 2022


The Nintendo DS Lite is a handheld console that took the world by storm in the mid-2000s and is still a great console to own today. Now, with where the market is at with other retro systems, the DS Lite is one of the best buys you can make right now. Spawncast Spotify: Second Channel: Spawncast Clips: -EbKVL1EC92j1mFAvDG0A Twitter: @SpawnWaveMedia Spawn Wave Merch: Consider supporting us on Patreon: Follow us on Twitch: https://www .twitch .tv/spawnwavemedia Listen to our weekly podcast: Like Comment and Subscribe! Thank you for watching! #Nintendo #NintendoDS #DSLite .



  1. I had the pastel pink ds lite as a kid and I loved that thing to death. The hinge broke so I sold it when I was in high school, along with all my Gameboy games. Biggest regret ever. Just bought a ds lite at the flea market for $50 and I am once again in love with it.

  2. got my DS lite in 2006 and built up a large library of games… i wasnt a kid… but i can understand the sheer awe most kids had for the DS lite but i absolutely loved mine and it went with me on trips numerous times… later on i think in 2008 i got an R4i for it… and that unlocked alot of extra features like emulation and having a ROM library on one cart… game changer… its still one of my most used handhelds today… and last two years i repair and mod Gameboys… im actually working on my original DS Lite tonight as i need to reshell it… advice to anyone working on these keep track of the screws some are different sizes and all go in specific places… i managed two mix up some screws and when i put it back together i ended up having the tips of the two screws poking through the shell! hence me needing to reshell it now… it happens but can be frustrating if you dont have a new shell to swap it into… thanks for the informative and useful videos! i appreciate the work you put into the Channel… i loved your Panasonic Q teardown as well… been a fan last two years as thats about as long as i have been modding Gameboys… thanks again!

  3. I had a DS Lite when it came out and quickly grabbed an R4 when those came out and pirated EVERYTHING. God, what a magical time that was. I'm getting to relive some of that feeling since buying an Odin and loading it up with loads of ROMS with old favorites and games I'd missed from all the retro platforms. And before you get mad at me: I have a giant collection of retro games at my parents home but I'm living abroad and don't have access to them now. I also would go out and buy copies of the DS games I loved after pirating them and also piracy is great in general =)

  4. I'm not into video games but you are really smart on fixing those devices. I bought a gameboy advance sp and it does the same thing, I decided to post it like for parts.
    Nice videos!

  5. I used to have a red DS lite with this exact same issue. Threw it out because of it, and looking back, I wish I still had it. But I also don't need it, as I still have my DSi, 2DS, and recently just picked up a used 2DSXL for a good price. These things are just amazing fun, despite their age.

  6. I literally found one in a basket in the street saying for free. It froze upon turning it on and all i had to do was to take out the cartridge and give it a good blow to make it go again. Runs perfectly and is in great condition too. I have one of those R4 cards and it's just so much fun to go back to the handheld games from my childhood

  7. i got my ds lite for 20 dollars on ebay and it was fully functional and in pretty good condition. it was used so the hinges were pretty much ready to snap but superglue fixes everything

  8. My first DS Lite has a broken hinge, I took it apart before to fix a bumper button ended up destroying the solder pads. Would love to find a good motherboard and slap it in there with some new hinges to revive it. I broke a lot of handhelds consoles trying to fix them but I am finally getting to the point where I can actually fix some stuff without making things worse ?.

  9. I want to fix my 2 DS lites so i can play my romhacks on it, also its a shame to see the state they are in, me and my brother got them when i was 8 im 24 now. i know soldering i need to learn how to hot air solder though. Also it doesn't help that DS lite parts are really expensive on my region to a point where its cheaper to just get a used one. even so i want to fix all my hardware and consoles from back in the day for homebrewing purposes and mainly so that they work again.

  10. I still have the pink DS Lite I got for christmas back in… 2009ish(??) and it's in perfect working condition, except about a month ago one of the hinges finally broke. Wondering if it's worth trying to repair the (mostly) cosmetic issue (I just have to be a bit more careful when opening and closing it) or if buying a whole new unit would be most efficient, heh

  11. The DS was a dope system, but in my experience the DS lites were way too flimsy. Never owned one myself and I’m sure I would keep mine intact because I’m careful with my systems, but every person I knew that had one had a busted hinge.


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