HIGHEST RATED New Nintendo Switch Games! (June 2023)


Here we look at the top rated Nintendo Switch games reviewed on SwitchUp during the month of June. Links to all of the reviews are in the top pinned comment. What got the highest score? Let’s find out…

Intro 0:00
Loop 8 0:32
AEW Fight Forever 1:15
Etrian Odyssey Collection 2:10
Killer Frequency 2:57
Nova Lands 4:04
Nocturnal 4:57
The Lara Croft Collection 6:04
Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life 6:49
Nuclear Blaze 7:45
Pikmin 1 & 2 8:41
Bleak Sword DX 9:27
Outtro 10:13

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  1. So many games I hadn't heard of. The ones that look the best to me are Bleak Sword and Nuclear Blaze. Noctural looked good as well but your comment on the lagged response of the actions has me a bit concerned.

    Lots of great picks here.

  2. You know what, I'm not the sort of person who would usually go for a game like Bleak Sword, but I was intrigued by the art style and the fact that it's a Devolver game convinced me to buy it, and I've really enjoyed it.

  3. Sorry disagree about the crashes on Nova Lands. Love the game, but when you get more and more on the screen…. Well crashes every ten minutes. Very sad to, as it was very addictive.

  4. I was just wondering what region does South African Nintendo games fall under? I really am still mad at Lara Croft I thought they’d never port them to switch ????lol I’m looking for a great RPG still not sure exactly what ????

  5. Nova Lands Crashed for me at least 10 times. Just played it again the other day and it's still having issues. Pretty frustrating honestly. I'm gonna wait until it's patched up more.

  6. If you dont marry with in the first year, you get a default wife. Its because its tryig to tell you the life story of the farmer. Its a remake of an old game which is why it seems limited.

  7. I have to give a shout-out to “We Love Katamari Reroll + Royal Reverie” and “Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective” since they were instant pick ups for me and my wife (besides a couple others you mentioned) and while last minute I think the puzzling “Crime O’Clock” deserves a mention and could be a hidden gem (though it did get it’s own spotlight during a Nintendo Indie Direct, o still think it has picked up much traction) here’s to hoping you guys briefly cover or mention it in the future! ????

  8. Absolutely look forward to these videos every month. I wish I still had time to watch every review you guys pump out, but since I don’t, these help me catch all those that matter most! Cheers!

  9. Was looking forward to Nova Lands and Nocturnal, tad disappointed with how both came out. Going to wait for the patched-up series to see if I should pick it up.

  10. It probably sounds bad, but since Loop8 didn't score great overall, I hope we will get a nice discount soon. I still want to check it out.

    My game of the month is a bit of an oddball, I loved Smushi Come Home. It was a nice relaxing experience in a very stressful time. My pick of the video is Nuclear Blaze. The short length is a bonus for me right now, looks like a great game to enjoy and then get off the backlog.

  11. I've not stopped playing Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life since it came out. Arguably having so much more fun than I did with SoS: PoOT, granted there is a limited amount to do but I don't mind that at all

  12. I like AWL and in a sea of repetative farm sims it's good to have a classic back that actually did something different.

    The updates are great and while I do have some nitpicks:

    1. Festivals could be better/more engaging. I think the best festivals were in Trio of Towns personally.

    2. The art style is an odd combo of more realistic proportions (cows) and cartoonish (every other animal, especially the horse). In the original game all the animals had "realistic" proportions. Honestly I just want a cohesive style but it wasn’t a deal breaker.

    3. No death. Yeah, odd nitpick to have, but I miss consequences in these games.
    At least I didn't have to murder my goat in this remake.

    I could go on but I do think it improves on a lot more from the old game. Especially mechanics wise when it comes to raising crops.

    Another thing I like is allowing characters to age, especially your child, and this one allows your child to grow into young adulthood.

    Plus the sound effects! Man, I forgot how good they were!

    It's not a perfect game, but I do think its linearity is a strength, not a hindrance. Anyway, just my two cents! Sorry for writing such a long comment! Have a good one!


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