Hitting A 3 Pt With The BEST Shooter In EVERY NBA 2K Game! (NBA 2K – NBA 2K20)


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  1. Really puts you in perspective how Curry has changed the game. Top shooters in the early 2000s only make around 170 three pointers per season whilst Steph broke the 400 barrier in 2015 and has had multiple 300+ seasons as well.

  2. I found a player on 2k13 back in the day that sat the bench for the hornets and would barely miss a 3. Could fade away with a guy in his face and drain it. Jannero Pargo. I had a record of like 130-10 on that game using the hornets online

  3. Not all 3 point shooters are the best when they are handling the ball. I’m sure Gary Payton woulda hit sooner if you were posting up with kemp and attracted a double team and he hit from the top of the key.

  4. Bruvv, you realize that in 2k10 there were blue bars that looked like wifi right?? Well those bars stood for the players hit spot, when you were shooting you didn't go to the hot spots at all and then with Kyle Korner in 2k11 you were in his Hotspot already.


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